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bored as hell

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  1. thanxs for tha nova but i dunno if "you hate cyne" will listen becouse weve all had are convo's about this internet bull shit with him and he wont listen but your rite it will hit him eventually aight peace
  2. i like it emit is nice i got a flix of him and cycle at the aup in dc but no scasnner sorry boys first!!!
  3. elmasko you must have not looked very close to those kev15s cuz there is some cyne stuff there and yeah like blood said look around at the warp stuff its up there theres more mixing bowl spots tha you missed like bzee and wha not if you got up to the spot a top were the cyne kev rese is you can get better flixs aight
  4. damn Id smash tha ass like an idaho potato!
  5. bored as hell


    damn tha giant dis is nice i like the way he did tha with the captions man suxs to be tha guy
  6. sigh elk aestwo penis expert and lyes nice whole car (7-0-tree)
  7. o and on 95 goin through hoodbridge rei exist bueno kever cyne rese and hd boxs tha about it yo
  8. if you drive threw the mixing bowl you will see exist warp bzee kever cyne rese and thas about it go into va a lil more sime esko exist warp go to dc more exist brs bzee and h.d.krew tags and i drive tha way all the time
  9. jinks you need to sit and practice before you go out doin shit cuz well yeah YOU SUCK and stop talkin shit to people tha could burn you dirty style you couldnt keep up with these boys cuz there it is again YOU SUCK haha fucking dork and tha kid kever is not a legAL eagle becouse i see this man up all the time and his crew whoa!! yeah watch out now and freights this man has hit many so yall need to stop critisizing and paint thas the whole point everyone has been makin and somebody need to banned jinks from comin on here becouse his dumb comments are gettin him in to shit and startin shit with other people plus he is a striaght up toy and yup HE SUCKS heavenly devined with a hyperactive disorder
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