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  1. ...kinds of chips from best to worst 1. Andy Capp HOT FRIES for 99cents this huge bag is in a category of its own 2. FLAMING HIZNOT CHEETOS unfuckwitable-will turn your shit red after one 99 cent bag. Remember to never mix with beer 3. KRUNCHERS JALAPENO spicier than a motha 4. XTREME DORITOS BBQ the amount of flavor on these twists is crazier than your monkeys uncle 5. FRITOS BBQ FLAVOR TWISTS jazzy phat nasty. whatchou thought it twas' duke?!?!? some kinds of bad chips ive experienced are... 1. Bordens SPicy CHeese DOoodles...a direct bite off FLAMING HIZNOT and they taste milky 2. Baked Frito Lays i get these at SUBWAY sometimes but they are all wack even BBQ 3. SALSA FRIES...too salty and tangy
  2. absolutely nothing!! and my yard was full of boxes of all sort too!
  3. yo dunny...try drinkin a 40 and then drawing somthing. thats what i always do; and i find my graffitit to turn out funky fresh..it also helps if you draw in class instead of paying attention to the teacher. maybe play some New Edition in the background when sketching too. whatever you do don t paint trains..only paint in ditches and creeks where no one ever can see you. that way you can take your time and wont ruin perfectly good stee.l
  4. looks like you copied that shit straight off HIFI art or something kid
  5. DOMERIGHT is one fine beeotch....so is that sylvia honeY!!!! yo KAES thanks for that hook up my honky!
  6. you freight heads are an uptight bunch. aint nothing wrong with gettin a lil crunk
  7. i bet there is alot of white hippie children living in denver who do graffiti
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