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zaih uno...aka mike hawk

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  1. i was on the other side of that car and its fresh broken down or not , totem, dont sweat yourself too much please. but rather give up your respect to the best:dopez and jabril da ill one,hee hee. ------------------ murkle fickey
  2. if mtv wants to pay me a bunch of scrill to do a few tags i'll be like , hell yeah.lucky bastard if you ask me.but i'm just a big faggot anyway. ------------------ murkle fickey
  3. now everyone else knows that ridle sucks, where did you get that weak shit from? in Portland? ------------------ murkle fickey
  4. accidently did new topic a second ago because im an idiot.anyway i just wanted to say that flik #2 is dfmc-downforminecrew by motev from portland oregon ------------------ murkle fickey
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