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  1. it's true theirs a very fine line between running freights and running trains....on each other. (please note the comment just read, was in fact a joke, have a wonderful day)
  2. bunch of old stuff that I had sitting around on the internet....slow day on the 9 to 5
  3. yo silentwrytes....do you have a highres of that dahmrepae wholecar.... never got a decent flick...
  4. somebody finally caught it and got a good flick. that shit's wack
  5. That explains why every time I'm watching clouds roll by they seem to turn in to ill ass snirql throws....you'll be missed homie.
  6. no....brokeback moutain...now that could get gay
  7. we should do that wall again...if no one else can think of a movie I'd like to nominate "When Harry met Sally"
  8. dude isn't it obvious...that shit is soooooo 2003
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