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  1. like i said i want drift. if you wanna step in the way than whatever. only people i dont like right now are drift and lyme. they dissed me many of times and will pay when i see them. lets leave it at that. have a nice day
  2. Re: where's norm and cliffie? for such a little state we have people making up names to talk shit. see my name. bring it. and drift and friends. at a spot today ran into some people i know. good thing i wasnt there cause.......and please dont tell me dont talk shit in here cause ill bring it to anyone who wants otherwise. so fuck you.want it, test me. fuckin graffitti turned into a bunch of bitches that dont want shit. what happened to the 90's. and dont tell me it wasnt about beef cause i seen it all up close and personal. and you know what i write. i aint hiding. drift. its on you toy fuck. see you in (**we won't be having any of that**) bitch. ohh. i named a city. got a problem suck my dick. THC still aint fakin shit bitch
  3. what does everyone think of these new writers coming out of nowhere painting burners. when i started just the idea of being schooled would get you nowhere. but it seems to be more accepted these days. so what do you all think?
  4. rhode island has alot of good graffitti but too many people with opinions on what graff should be. its not the fighting thats killing it, its everyone thinking that their way is the way it should be done. besides the basic mentality of keeping spots and others safe, there isnt many rules to this shit. and i notice a big lack of respect. people nowadays are too big headed to give other writers compliments. i think if anyone kills graff it will be the artists themselves. and its not the government shutting down spots, its the people who buy the space and want to make something there. supply and demand folks. get used to it. things change. i thought all the spots i painted in the early 90's where never going to die. but as time goes on, things change. dont sit here and complain about it, get off your internet ass and find some new spots.
  5. that could be rolled over for about 10 dollars. who is that
  6. that sucks bad. he was nice. rip
  7. exactly. people act like just cause hes from ny he deserves mad credit. its not where your from or who you get up with that builds your skill. i like the dead letter.
  8. hey its the guy thats goin over all my shit. haha.
  9. all you people talking junk, like your first shit looked good. i dont know about you but it was a while just to get where i am now.
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