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  1. here http://www.deepinsidethemind.com/pa2/philly/02/1.jpg'>
  2. whole wall BABY137, SPADE, SAB,(by DAN1), Serve http://http://www.deepinsidethemind.com/pa2/philly/02/1.jpg'> http://www.yourmamazhouse.com/images/smilesew.gif'>
  3. THE SODA IS LOSING FIZZ! I'm about to start the C thread if everyone is done with B's I'm not seeing anything happened. Enjoy this smilie!!!!!!!http://www.yourmamazhouse.com/images/smilesew.gif'>
  4. KAZE at BINGHAMPTON? NO! That wasn't KAZE that did that piece up there. that was DAN1 from philly and the Serve pieve is in Philly done the past summer '02 with DAN1 Everyone is right as far as FBA/FC/TC5 Being the favorite Crew of all time. Much respect always why is everyone doing 3D pieces and not LETTERS and STYLE they way it was meant to be. !!! WEST DASH TACK SERVE Made alot of us who we are by being themselves.
  5. BATTLE OF TH BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ http://www.yourmamazhouse.com/images/B.jpg'>
  6. http://yourmamazhouse.com/bing/wallbing.JPG'>
  7. it's impossible to get good flix of most of the stuff there http://yourmamazhouse.com/wallbing.jpg'>
  8. IT SAYS SEW http://yourmamazhouse.com/bing/sewbing.jpg'>
  9. OH MY GOD! This was taking infront of Sew's piece in Montreal. I don't know if she is from Montreal or Toronto but damn them Lemon Cup Cakes had me bent. If your reading this baby HOLLA BACK!!!:eek:
  10. HOLY MOLY http://www.yourmamazhouse.com/sewmagot.jpg'>
  11. HEWS' Website Yeah I heard HEWS is getting a website together. He needs to figure out what he wants to do and holla back at SEW. Hot Shit Homeboy!!! HEWSEWS!!! would be a hot combo don't ya think???!!! HOLLA BACK YOUNGIN!!!
  12. Any way one with the post I'd like to see some more flix cause i know i don't have every thing. someone here has to have some of the early stuff. Does any one have flix of the yellow and green "P's " that pake did with decade on 5th street in the 90's any one from girard to wyoming. I wish i would have taken more of his throws. He had alot of different styles floating around.
  13. KAS I can post some sew prints he's got a smoke hand. But there are hard to come across because he doesn't bomb but i think i got a couple nice tags and a couple wickets as well. Sounds like most of you don't really know the dude and are in some ways offened that he's not a strickly tag and rag kinda guy. But of Tagger suck to def at pieing and couldn't burn to save thier life. and is why they only tag. But who the fuck cares we need both in this game.
  14. YO KAS!!!!! Do like all the other philly writers and just recycle a print from the old masters
  15. DAN THE TARGET MAN I'm affraid I'm gonna have to set the record str8 once more. DanOne 215 PF OMT FBA is not the same DAN the bombed the 70's and 80's in fact "DAN the TARGET MAN" is in fact black and the other is not. Also DanOne OMT is from brooklynn originally and was not even in philly at the time of DAN the TARGET MAN was dropp'n jewls. I know them both.
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