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  1. is antarctica considered a city or subur....oh wait thats right, its a frozen hellhole. the penguins do run though...almost no buff. nsk-vc
  2. SON OF A BITCH! will you shut up? youll blow my cover. anyone seen family guy tonite? (i know you didnt frink...hahahahahah bitch...) there were quite a few references there, i did the voice for the old guy with the walker. you like popsicles? i got some in my basement...want some? noooo...its okay, i know your mommy and daddy, they told me to pick you up and come to the hospital, theres been an accident.... hahaha nsk-vc
  3. do any of you graffiti taggerists wanna come paint tonite and show me some dope ass phat tags i will pick you up, i have a van and candy... sorry, im shooting for the "most likely to be a cop award..." i was never popular...:( nsk-vc i'll post a better reply later, but for now im off to work
  4. onorok, penis, lyes, earsnot, eatfuk, godfuck, setup, 323, elyja, sigh, elk, heyu. i think my name is pretty cool too (anus), does anyone write Rgue? i think thatd be tight too. nsk-vc
  5. finally, someone gets it.... tight clothes suck. i still wear the same chain wallet i had in 4th grade...im so badass...hahahaha i will be at that show on this coming monday on LI cause i wanna see thursday and see if any girls need a hug. i swear these kids better not cry on me... anyone else going? nsk-vc
  6. *sigh*....i am comfortable with my masculinity enough to drink fufu berry fucking soda thank you very fucking much. yes, I WRITE ANUS AND I FUCKING DRINK JONES FUCKING FUFU BERRY SODA AND IM FUCKING PROUD OF IT. seriously though, have you ever tried fufu berry? if you havent tried it dont hate up on it yet. nothing can ever replace surge though. as far as mountain dew goes, heres another story about me and soda (believe me, there are many, and sadly they are about 95% true despite the idiocy i mask my posts in...) i would like to start off by saying that mountain dew sucks, it resembles p
  7. things i wish i thought of: 1)investing in every internet company years ago and knowing to get the hell out sometime last year or before they all died. by the way, i hate that pets.com puppet fuck of a fucking puppet dog. 2)selling women to men to perform sexual acts. 3)surge. 4)selling skateboarding attire to the masses of high school kids. those independant sweatshirts are cute dont you think? 5)killing sum 41, emimnem, fred durst, as well as a host of other shitty spectacles. (is it too late for that?) 6)not going to the station that night and getting b
  8. jones...i have a long and painful history with that too...i was looking for something to fill the huge void left by surge when i found jones to be popping up here and there, and suddenly it was everywhere, i was drinking it frequently, bluebubblegum, cream soda, fufu berry, cherry and green apple were my poisons. plus it came in a glass bottle so you could break it open barfight style after downing a bottle and lunge at the store clerk with it, tearing into the soft flesh of his throat in order to liberate all the jones from the store. at one point my friend and i would drive directly to the b
  9. i also find it comical that Tab has a warning on it that it has been shown to cause cancer. thats when you know your in flavor country. nsk-vc
  10. okay, theres something for everyone in the circus that is "channel zero" and now theres a place for you to post fond memories of soda. frankly i fucking hate coke and pepsi, theyre gross and leave a fucking caramel film on your mouth and teeth, fuck that shit. i posted this before in another post, but here it is again just because im quite fond of it. surge used to be abundant 'round these parts, but as of the past 2 years its like coke cut back their distribution of it so that i cant find it! when i was still in high school when it first came out i would use alot of money to buy it, ne
  11. if i get quark how does it work with photoshop? thats the original reason i used pagemaker, it works fluently with ps...and im really not all that interested in other photo programs. there should be some kind of zine trading network..... nsk-vc
  12. i been working on a print zine for a little while now, i have several issues to debate over before i print it, i have more than enough stuff heres my situation. i have pagemaker 6.5 also, but my dillema is that it tends to get difficult for me to correlate the pages so that stories more than 1 page get printed in the right place, this is the biggest pain in the ass i find. is there some kind of function in pagemaker that can do this automatically? i was just considering pasting all the shit to paper and heading to kinkos for the day, itll look sketchy but, i kinda like that look i th
  13. surge used to be abundant 'round these parts, but as of the past 2 years its like coke cut back their distribution of it so that i cant find it! when i was still in high school when it first came out i would use alot of money to buy it, never eating food, just drinking that sweet green nectar. i actually bought out the vending machine single handedly several times, i wouldnt be seen without a can in my hand, and i was happy, yes truley happy. then at the beginning of my senior year, i strolled down to faithful ol' daisy (betsy is such an unoriginal name for a soda machine dont you thinkg?) onl
  14. strange...that wasnt even funny. yet it left a feeling in the back of my brain like it was just....wrong....something that bothers you but in a way you didnt know it should and didnt think you wanted it to, but you didnt, you really didnt, or did you subconciously? you cant really know unless you read between the lines of your brain or got hypnotized...what was i talking about? i got confused goodnight fuckers.congrats to seeking on a truly disturbing insight into the male psyche. just what i need before bed at 4 in the am. nsk-vc
  15. okay...random fight club quotes... "marlas philosophy on life was that she could die at any moment...the tradgedy was that she didnt" "on a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero" 'what car company do you work for?' 'a major one.' "dont let anyone touch you in your bathing suit area" "i know this because tyler knows this" "when you have the barrel of a gun in your mouth, you speak only in vowels" " I wanted to destroy everything beautiful I'd never have. Burn the amazon rain forests. Pump chlorofluorocarbons straight up to gobb
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