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  1. there's this fine'ol girl at my work...all the guys are up on that...i saw i was being a little bitch and all up on her jock...like the rest of the guys...so i stopped and watch all these dudes trying to get this girl...saying shit like.."you know i will always listen to you".."you're so cute"..and one is just a dumb football player being the man..and now that i dont pay too much attention...she comes up to me all the time..having me feel her body to see how smooth it is..."she shaves her entire body" its kinda like all the guys are after this one girl and all the girls are after this one gu
  2. brainwashing to prepare you for whats gonna go on in the future.....
  3. I was sittin down thinking(taking a shit)... Does the rest of the wold hate America or do they love us...do the love us just because we can kick the worlds ass if we have to?fear love and respect.. personally i would hate america...nothin but Babylon resurected....but there are some of you that love it and would die for it... the idea of a "free" country is a good concept....but right now itsa "FEE" country..one you must pay dearly to police the world...so before i go off...... does the rest of the world hate or love that country called Amerrica???and why?
  4. zzZZZzz !POOT! ahhhhhhh...zzzZZZZzzz.....
  5. vatos locos eh...well shoots bra!ho!i was walkin down the likini ..ho this fucking taxi...the bugga whin almost hit me!!!ho bra!thought we's gon scrap!i told that fucka...bra watch it!!!he trew one shaka... aloha...island braddahs
  6. dude i got a date with cristina agularia..off that coke pepsi thing!!!!im gonna smoke her out and give her some munchies....oh and my brother...kicks back with b-real and we get faded daily...ice cube is comin over..im talkin to him about me staring in the "friday after last friday"..tell genius big willy said wuuuuuuuu!
  7. ahahahahaha...so many,,,so many..fuckin chumps...tag bangers..little fuckin kids came up to me and talked about graff..i didnt let them know i write....so it was funnier...i wanted to know why graff was graff...they came up with a bunch of stuffin nonsence...and let me know that tag bangin was the way to go...then i told how fake they were and used the word toy to suprise them....then they knew somebody standing in front of them was a writer....fuckin las vegas....biggest luagh i've had in that town...
  8. i always fantacized of fighting a shark..it would be the greatest honor...if i saw a shark going after some un-knowing child just to have me punch that fuckers snout... being in the water freaks me out though....i fear the sea but the sea purifies me...ya seen?
  9. gangsta this,gangsta that....what do you feel about tagbangers!?
  10. told people who i knew i couldnt trust..my life story...
  11. DRU DOWN "PIMP OF THE YEAR" nothin by dre or snoop...except G thang im more of that bay area type playa thug shit master P 99 ways to die,,,,
  12. sorta like a psycho!a nigga just might go...spray the whole town cause a nigga is a skitso..blabla bla the nigga mean..but I'll spray that punkass with my uzi machine.. rat a tat rat a tat rata tat tat..,blabla gone and I'm off with my gat.. ________________________________RBL POSSIE. SAN FRANCISCO....SORTA LIKE A PSYCHO got a blue bird on my shoulda should i kill it?! MAC MALL AND THIS IS MY OPINION!!!!!! I SMOKE chewy like a mutha fuckin nut..YOU GOTA GRAM BAG,,GET THE ZAGS AND ROLL HER UP..cause a nigga like me cant fake it when im high... get the visine for the tight re
  13. do any of you know what a blumpkin is?or how about a relief bumper?...
  14. willy wonka and the chocolate factory.. -there's no life i know...that can compare with pure imagination-good'ol WILLY.. the WALL -pink floyd- AKIRA -animation...japan style-
  15. give'em hell!!!! http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//mad.gif'>
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