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Everything posted by bemflix

  1. damn i need to hook up with REVENGE cause that nigga doin it
  2. Theme be doin' his thing for sure niggas need to know
  3. Cant Front Dude is Illmatic i gotta give props to the study of style
  4. As we used to say in Da Bronx back in the day "Not for nothing but" Sicr is DOING IT!!!!!!!!
  5. so reminds me of a train. i love this
  6. The sad part is it's not even a good fake.... hahhahaha thats GRIMEY and yet sad at the same time. RIP IZ the ALLTIME undisputed Heavy Weight Champ Of the World
  7. i think i have them all berry pink was a nuts color the violet mist was kinda watery and very grayish.
  8. Touche Senor GOGP Touche but you sir are Unstoppable and the Mother Fuckin Champ (niggas know, believe me NIGGAS KNOW)
  9. OH YEAH DES has put in work. one of my favs days i was there too damn it!!!!!!!
  10. bemflix


    You have to laugh at the irony that graff has truely hit madison ave. who better to represent Wane is just one word "SMOOTH" i'm a fan for sure Oh yeah YANKEES BABY!!!!!!!!
  11. that DF is tight but i was wondering why did he go so small.
  12. classic flavor right there. good post
  13. ha ha ha i was thinking the same thing. i see you pokin' out from both ends.
  14. bemflix


    Ces is a Killa Dilla!!! fuck what you heard this cat kills shit
  15. Re: THE BRONX AND THOSE THAT LOVE IT!!! that what i was thinking
  16. looks like a ban2/deli167 style but your probably right with the fuzz connection
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