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  1. i lose braincells in this thread. that lava is flavor
  2. DUDE that is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! Tkid is a style master himself (i'm a fan) what year was this done???
  3. WHAT?????????????? thats fly the shadow 125 in the E
  4. perhaps i came off a bit brash so to clear matters up Cap explains perfectly well why he went over everyone in the first Style Wars "you go over me or any of my friends and i go over EVERYTHING you have" not much more to it than that back then we used to call it WAR and all is fair in love and war right? and for the record Cap nor MPC were racist and i dont think he comes off that way in said film. many blacks and hispanics were in MPC and used to chill hard with Cap. hell when i first met Cap he was hanging with Rest & Rush (puerto rican and african american). Dose is PR, Kass is PR the list goes on and on. to say otherwise is JUST PLAIN RETARDED. people need to educated themselves before repeating things that just are not true. remember people just cause you heard it somewhere doesn't make it a fact.
  5. as for the CAP issue no one stepped to him back then no one steps to him now fuck what you heard he did what he had to do aint no ones business but those involved and they know why he did what he did alot of sideline chatter up in here NOW GO TELL THAT. people wish they had the heart Cap has he went all out and hard niggas know believe me niggas know
  6. You see you would be COMPLETELY WRONG they DO OWN all of those flix as that is a flickr account of Mike White AKA Dondi's Brother i'm sure he has worked things out with Martha and Henry as to copyrights on those photos Peep the whole website http://www.dondiciakings.com/ which has links to that flickr account Luca i believe is dondi's mothers name just in case you were wondering
  7. GOGP where did you get that NY Mix thing?????
  8. THIS BOOK IS GONNA BE NUTZ!!!! i will buy this without a doubt
  9. Man SICR is doing this shit RIGHT right there. like some straight outta compton shit he's the king of this honkey shit what????????????? you better ask somebody niggggggggggggggggga.
  10. Straight up BRONX flavor haha big DES getting it in twice
  11. For some reason the PROPs button isn't working SO LET IT BE KNOWN: Both Supreme79 and Sago get props
  12. WERD THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRACE RIP 2010
  13. The Game Plan: The Execution: we flipped the script Brace went first RIP MY ACE BRACE
  14. one for the road oldie but one of my faves
  15. Feelin the credit might have to see what he's up to this weekend.
  16. great shot of what a whole car top to bottom looked like from the inside.
  17. bemflix

    Sento - TFP

    dope highway smash!!!! check out the throw ups in the back ground crack, cap (alt. version), skay, cope
  18. Funny i was kinda thinking the same thing. yet a lil different from PURE TFP from NYC
  19. Those Ill Makers Of Kaos Krushing The Competition Again Stupid!!!!!!!!!
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