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  1. Of all the crews he has listed KTC is not one of them????
  2. The Bem to the right of this was pretty fly too.
  3. Hot off the lay up (fake train at Tuff City)
  4. You sir are correct on both counts. but i dont think it will ever be a jeopardy question anytime soon.. but if it was you would have hit the daily double.
  5. would love to know more about this flix. i see Kase2RIP style all over the place but dont remember seein' or hearin about this car.
  6. This guy kills it hard. mucho props on 120
  7. Whats happening??? been away for 12oz for a few but i'm back. RIP BIG BRACE RIP KING KASE2 RIP All The Fallen BROTHERS.
  8. The Whole Southern Command is KILLIN" IT. Sicr stole my idea with the Oscar the grouch I LOVE IT (still doing it thought) Seriously BIG Props to Des & The Southern Command Sicr Jerx Kolen Gyser Tride Fowl
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