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  1. Unit


    I haven't been here in a long time, but i remember finding a link to a site with many excellent photographs and the URL was something to do with fuckingapathy or something along those lines.. my searches and guesses have turned up nothing. I think it may have been in Ouija's profile, it's been a long time though. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If you know the link please post it here or email it to me.. Peace
  2. Yo dawg you skraight skraight dawg im so drunk right now shit man oh my god like whoa. I drank a fifth of voddie and shit, and me and some homeslices drank forties man nigga we was fucked up ya know what im sayin man yea im drunk word cool.
  3. Unit

    song at your funeral

    GWAR - Fucking an Animal. yea man, my funeral is gonna be weird.
  4. http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/ouija.htm of course itll sound pretty stupid to skeptics and people that really dont beleive in ghosts and stuff, but either way its better to be safe.
  5. Yo post some pics, you said you got some and shes madd hot...haahahhahahah im just messin with you. Go for it, sport, you dont wanna be 50 tellin yer grandkids about how she got away and how you hate grandmamma and shit. hahah. seriously though post those flicks...:p
  6. Oh yea, just a heads up on Ouija boards, dont fuck with em. Because even though theyre cheap and mass marketed crap, youre still inviting spirits and demons into your house, and when you attempt to contact spirits and that theyre not always nice ones, and they might stay in your house and haunt it and shit can go crazy. Theres been stories of Ouija really fuckin people over, if anyones interested I can find the link. But seriously, dont fuck with Ouija boards..
  7. I guess she's trying to emphasize that we shouldnt 'mess with texas' hohohohoho...yea sorry. Thats fucked up though.
  8. Asian Girls haunt my bed...haha Okay seriously though, I know a shitload about ghosts and paranormal junk, and it is possible for ghosts or spirits to follow people, if you or your mom still has problems with it you should talk to a priest to have a cleansing, or burn sage or some shit like that.
  9. My h.s. mascot is a Cop. oh oops.
  10. Thats pretty fucked up, but that whole thing about shoving a tube up its ass and superglueing it always cracked me up, then they had something like "Its just like a kitty colostomy bag!" tryin to make it sound all cool and happy. aahahhaha
  11. Unit

    mr bojangles day!

    Good job, soldier!
  12. heh...ermmm I knew that..
  13. When's it come on? What day?
  14. Those shoes are the shit, reeboks are the stuff. I got me a pair of beat up classics, I want those though...daaammmnn
  15. Unit

    think of the future

    Actually theyve invented a hover car, this guy made one it looks kinda like a car but with a bunch of fans, he flew up to 20 ft before goin back down cause he pussed out. Thats badass though...
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