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  1. yeah that new adge style and prae style is cool resembles dime&smog though:crazy:
  2. thats b cuz there all the same person shmuck! adek=adios=keda:D
  3. fear of course fyse and a well bump bump!:D
  4. lets see some smog puzl zen dyme eatfuck kiroe please
  5. Re: Hey Baggy Pants... to the left is kiro and to the right is dime to bad they didnt post the whole train its badass
  6. yeah he has kwiet a history he used to be in dtc
  7. Re: Re: Street. they went over shit thats fucked thats what happends when fame gets to peoples head shmucks
  8. maybe i did that dragon?????????? youll never know :D
  9. sucaonamiemudafuckencak shmackshucksnaggas post to da uppers :D
  10. theres a flik with some old english letts on top thats sickness :D
  11. DEKAL TAHATS MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!:D
  12. mad ill shun!!!!!!!!!!! word$$$
  13. MAD ILL SHUN WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:king:
  14. zen zen zen zen san jose biotches :crazy:
  15. somethings fishy with all you people :crazy:
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