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stinky pinky

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  1. yeah that new adge style and prae style is cool resembles dime&smog though:crazy:
  2. thats b cuz there all the same person shmuck! adek=adios=keda:D
  3. fear of course fyse and a well bump bump!:D
  4. this kefr sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. lets see some smog puzl zen dyme eatfuck kiroe please
  6. stinky pinky


    Re: Hey Baggy Pants... to the left is kiro and to the right is dime to bad they didnt post the whole train its badass
  7. stinky pinky


    yeah he has kwiet a history he used to be in dtc
  8. Re: Re: Street. they went over shit thats fucked thats what happends when fame gets to peoples head shmucks
  9. maybe i did that dragon?????????? youll never know :D
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