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  1. cant hat eon them jersey gangsters, on that shit way before youd get a spotlight in a euro mag.
  2. T.T Boy


    eat at dicks go to lindas for 1 dollar olympias. cha chas for 5 dollar pbr 40s and el corazon for a dope grime afterparty but dont stay at the thunderbird. ride the new subway. rack every shitty paint spot on the i5.
  3. get a rescue pug. a lot of people abandon them and they are easily the best breed of dog ive owned. my pug is sitting on the chair/bench next to me as i type this.
  4. i did that same empire builder trip. just not as far. ive yet to take passenger rail in my own country. mine was super cheap. google discount codes and buy tickets online. i met a lot of army personnel on my trip, i guess they get heavily subsidized travel on amtrak? i reckon amtrak would be very easy to hop. the employees are easily the most unhappy of any worker. train is king. fuck a plane.
  5. it will cost them far more than 100€ to take you to court. this is so stupid.
  6. T.T Boy

    Ebay Scams

    fairly cheap for that mac. its a scam. itl go to some dumb ass in the us, then shipped of to nigeria.
  7. i have the hipster/hitler jungend hair.
  8. china. or the internets. who buys fake bags anymore? they are so lame. or are you gonna be like the dvd sellers in the pub 'you want dbd? 2 for 5£'
  9. cant hate on naples shit. even if they dont buff dont mean its easy. some of those yards are in the worst zone of naples. which is no joke. the area is mpre dangerous than guards who shoot first and kick your head in after.
  10. pics or it didnt happen. heard a native kid mention his juggalo fam in edmonton, didnt know we had them either...
  11. T.T Boy


    tbs ratings = through the roof this time of year.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Ski Mask (View Original Post) you americans have been missing out on the douchtasticness of "Peak Season" Ep 1 is on youtube as well I watched and am now so ashamed. I want more. Do not provide ... hhahaha this show, so trash. I slept with one of the cast members. yipee!
  13. you can sell some bizarro shit on there. its a fairly easy money maker, just be VERY clear in the item description. im pretty sure ive had shit turn up and people said it didnt and got refunded viapaypal. also, link your paypal to like a savings account, so if they decide to fuck w it all your money wont be tied up. theres a few common sense steps you should do. but im sure youd figure it out. the new feedback thing sucks.
  14. NO DO NOT QUESTION ISRAEL. YOU ARE ANTI SEMETIC. it seems like israel and its citizens just want to brush everything off, or just say move on. its not unpatriotic to question your country like casek said. i question mine all the time. but the whole anti semite thing is just way out of control. i highly doubt sweden has some anti israel agenda. kind of seems silly that someone who posts on a graffiti message board is so pro government. so, do you only get up on private property or just palestinian?
  15. can you honestly say israel is just in all of its actions? border disputes, ignoring settlement laws, the list goes on and on...
  16. i think the cbc picked the story up but i know i did read this on the bbc earlier. http://jewssansfrontieres.blogspot.com/2009/08/organ-theft-israel.html heres a jewish blogs account. http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=104612&sectionid=351020202 heres another article, i think the domain name is .ir which is iran? so i doubt thats very reliable. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8245306.stm and here we have Israel suing them, and clainimg it is anti-semetic blood liebels. jesus, say one word about them and bnaai brith is all over your ass. im so sick of the bullshit they get away with. never do you hear jews mentioning any other holocaust victims, or anyone but themselves. fuck that whole country. and the anti-semetic defence.
  17. at least you could just support the site you waste time on. log on, click a link, proceed to browse. i cant even buy miller lite where i live yet i click it. designing, maintaining, running a site is a huge amount of work and effort. even if raven breaks even from these ads its worth it. but hell, if homie can make some extra cash or a living from providing me with free entertainment and some pretty good content even better. EVERY artist will get ripped off or fucked around in their career. it builds a bit of character and humbles you, and teaches you how to not get ripped off next time.
  18. wow singapore sounds like the most boring place ever. well, boring for what i like to get up to whilst on holiday.
  19. i used to watch it but that episode pushed me over the edge. i dont need to see shitbags from some crazy old lady. like beardo said, i used to love the reasoning for keeping say a broken lunch box or just plain old garbage.
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