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  1. now all the crosby fanboys come out. yay. iggy for the game winning assist! that was a well played game. how many players are technically canadians, or born to canadian parents while dads were playing pro n the us. ;) so its mostly canada vs. canada anyway. us and canada both did rad in the games. as for canada, germany and norway, population vs. medals is pretty fucking good against the us and 300million people.
  2. yeah ill take the pill over a fishwich.
  3. Re: writers in action! looks like essen or koln or stuggie. west german lightrail/tram thing im guessing.
  4. damn, senor, ubiquity, foe. that was a good era.
  5. http://www.000webhost.com/ this has been donig the rounds with my mates, its free, and reliable. you could register a .tk account, and have it redirect to this hosting.
  6. this is really only a us and jew thing. cutting your kids dick is bizarre.
  7. at least 5 people in class playing this per day. so gay.
  8. its sensationalist, but not as much as it could be. i think a lot of it is pretty legit, but, for a cooler than thou mag its fairly tame and not too over the top. props to them for taking an idea that im sure a shit load of people wanted to do, and doing it. even the logistics of a lot what they do make it more than inconvenient to do it. visas, crazy cops, customs, etc. you can get arrested in anytown usa for taking pics in a subway station. what do you think pyongyang, or saudi arabia will do if they catch you filming the wrong thing?
  9. those hot dogs sure take a beating that company must have 0 money.
  10. yeah !"£$% id love one. yeah im super bummed about this, but itll be cool to start using them again. the poladroid things is cool but just not the same. so those fuji ones arent bad? they look really tiny but preffty fun too.
  11. nice catches. lots of homies, that zer is sure making the rounds huh? good luck!
  12. man, i can straight trade your group of friends for mine. i need a good shake up.
  13. oh another polaroid interview from the same site http://www.motherboard.tv/2010/1/19/the-impossible-project-is-about-to-shake-up-film-like-a-polaroid-picture-the-mb-interview and they are remaking some new films. a lot different but should be interesting. all the stock i had expired in july 09. that was the longest we could find in the uk. and using it 5 months after it was all red and shitty. im excited to at least have something to use in my polaroid collection. http://www.the-impossible-project.com/2009
  14. the new creative director for polarioid. im very sad since polaroid discontinued the real polaroids and replacd them with those stupid digital things. i heard fuji has the rights to make the film, but im not paying 30000000 for one of those ugly cameras. now, with all my stash of film gone, maybe ill get some cool disco stick ones. how the fuck did they give her this job? jacked from motherboard.tv http://www.motherboard.tv/2010/1/8/polaroid-goes-gaga heres the video for you lazy fucks Finally, someone gave Lady Gaga a job. Yesterday, the successor to Michael Jackson became creative director of Polaroid, a move designed to at last give the company a leg up in the market of transexual robots aged 18-24. Although Polaroid discontinued its traditional analog cameras in 2008, a rallying cry by fans — and the dedicated work of the Impossible Project — convinced the company’s new owners to resuscitate the instant camera alongside a line of digital offerings, including a new kind of instant camera. Though the arrangement was more about partnership than marketing, according to Gaga, the campaign will star the self-described “Polaroid girl” in the company’s marketing campaigns as well as on social networking channels. In turn, Polaroid is expected to be a presence at Lady Gaga’s concerts. The Lady’s own designs — the product of coming into the office at least twice a month — would be on shelves by the end of the year. In a blow to the future of product design, her face will not appear on any of the products. We’re looking forward to seeing how this develops (tee hee!). On one hand, seeing Lady Gaga get all philosophical about Polaroid like she’s at some Williamsburg salon party (see video above) is a bit disorienting. On the other (more robotic) hand, in a world that can worship Lady Gaga (let alone Weezy), this bizarre synergistic moment all makes sense really: a pop star obsessed by monsters allying herself with a zombie technology. Wearing her poker face for the nerd-papparazzi at the press conference yesterday at CES in Las Vegas, Gaga for a moment seemed arguably more powerful than Bill Gates. Her weaved and splayed hairdo alone was a technological wonder, like an inverse homemade satellite dish in a post-apocalyptic film. But look down, and she was a mix of gothic My Fair Lady and Madonna with a hint of Clock King and fake British eloquence (compare images in the slideshow above). And I thought I was the only little girl who spent her childhood watching old Hepburn movies and Batman cartoons. I just haven’t been able to take it out on a life-size Barbie. polaroid dorks discuss
  15. sneak i agree. london is not a well represented city in books, online (aside from a few blogs) but is highly active. most of what i learnt was from other older folks telling me about robbo, drax, etc. and im no youngster myself. i actualy met some old WRH member on holiday in italy. got some cool stories that i doubt made it into any book. going over robbo is a nono. but its cool to see him make a comeback now. i thought 10foot was doing a pretty good job of trashing all of banksys work. i know theres more than a few fake banksy's sitting in some yuppies front room they got on ebay. :)
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