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  1. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5686252/Srpski_Film_2010
  2. lie, cheat and steal. your room in vegas should be used for doing drugs/drinking, getting ready, and banging randoms/your wife/girl/both and thats about it, oh and sleep too. you trying to get a good couch and watch some family channel when youre in vegas or something?
  3. quoting a friend on norwegian jail "Ive paid for worse hotels than jail in Scandanavia, you get your own room, a telephone, a private shower and vegetarian food, the guard ladies are hot and feel bad for you".
  4. dont think about the oil spill! what is nyc belfast circi 1981 or back in mob 1930s? really a car bomb?
  5. These daft punk rioters are cooler than that squatter burning a broomstick like a boss.
  6. So anyone got any pics? Any one go to any demos? North Americans have inbred tea parties, and not much else. anything big kick off this year? oh and Happy May 1st comrades.
  7. must be the white people moving in. Kabul, the new Williamsburg.
  8. remember naples? youll be fine.
  9. damn lots of you white people gonna move out of areas when other white people move in huh? youll blend in just fine, you do everywhere. maybe youll appreciate the haaaaaaaaaaaaay mami! comments over time.
  10. buy coke for cheap, sell in us, ???? , profit!
  11. ocho y medio 8 1/2 is a good club, but i think it only happens on friday/saturday. dont bother with pacha. avoid all the tranny hooker like the plague. the museo de jamon was hilarious, theres a dope tapas beer spot where you pour your own beer and it measures it and you pay that much near the main central plaza thing. you can do almost anything you want in the streets there, i was doing 10x10 throw ups at 3 am with madridilenos saying they loved my work and stopping for beers half way thru. get ready to be on a bizarro sleep schedule. also, theres this little palestinian cultural centre thing, its on Calle del Espíritu Santo, right near the piazza, i dont think it has anything to do with palestine, but its sort of a cafe/pub/tapas thing, no decor. but awesome local people and good food and super cheap beers.
  12. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrobably the best beer in the world. i like carlsberg.
  13. I knew two girls from kazakstan, easily two of the hottest most exotic women ive ever met. wierdest names, but they were like hipster ultra hot without really knowing it. def. need to do a tour of the 'stans. who doesent love a good uprising?
  14. what i wouldnt do to get w her. 55 bricks? ill bet it was random search bullshit. they arent that big, its just the weight. prob got tagged and didnt have the cash to pay the extra baggage fee. gotta fly high class and not on united.
  15. usually liviing an active life, and erm using your legs, i.e walking, cycling, running, gets rid of this. not really a need for oc80s or oc160s for that. to make working out in to funning out, try smoking a joint, and going to a wave pool or swimming. great work out, but fun! will cure restless legs.
  16. yeah just aske them to send pic of themselves with a shoe on their head to verify its them and you will western union the money asap.
  17. if it wasnt for this, id have never heard of him. in the music biz, any press is good press. win/win.
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