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  1. hahah yeah, 4 years of dating. shes still on here. she sure was/is. but yes i agree, loads of the local graff hoe writers ive ran thru have all turned out to be batshit crazy. but theres some super legit girls on here. and yes, free lodging and food is a good thing. even if said girl is nuts, you may find yourself wanting to have sex and have stay for free. this works both ways for girls and guys too.
  2. arent they just renovating a burlingtion coat factory? the one thing i never can understand is people who move to a new country and expect things to be the same as they were in their home country. this goes for americans abroad, brits abroad, muslims abroad, christians abroad, or anyone abroad. here are some examples: british lads, you are in spain on holiday, do not demand fish and chips. yanks abroad, no this isnt america, deal with it. canadians abroad, no, cuba does not have live hockey on tv. scandanavians abroad, you dont have to turn into a viking cause alcohol isnt taxed wherever you are. russians abroad, please, no speedos. we know communism sucked, but speedos and gold chains were never cool. muslims abroad, yes people kiss in public, they drink alcohol too, treat your women equally, free speech is a great thing, but dont push it. christians abroad, having sex with children is wrong, regardless if youre in your country or not. please stop exchanging medicine and housing for brainwashing and bibles. italians abroad, please stop creating people traffic jams everywhere. spaniards abroad, stop blowing up every lay up or backjump. aussies abroad, yes, we know its better in australia, youve told us 57 times already.
  3. everyone, especially vancouver fans know vancouver will never win a cup. thats not a diss, they just wont. id love them to, but they wont. chicago wont do fuck all this year. either will crosbys gay team or detroit. hopefully phoenix will finally fold, and bettman will get the sack and basillie will bring a team back up north. i hope this recession makes teams in states that get no snow an unviable investment and hockey goes back to what it used to be. the flames will do fuck all as they can only hire retarded brothers who live in the past to do anything. its gonna be a strange season, good looking out on the flames/habs winter classic, but the pens/caps is just plain pandering. fuck i hate bettman.
  4. yeah, ME WAS BORED BRAH. its monday, i have no 'real' job to attend to, and i enjoy similar activities. not all of of us can smoke shitty dirt weed drink a steel reserve and feel great about only wearing dickies and working in a warehouse for the rest of our lives. i miss the old 12oz. btw where the fuck is HESH that guy was non stop jokes, and seeking.
  5. still here, i vanished for quite some time. but ill be back now, i have 3 months to kill. and it seems fun again.
  6. ha, looks rad. afterparty looked more fun than the rally.
  7. this guy made 12oz a lot more interesting than the last current batch of retards. most who consisted of guys who argued about cheese steaks, bipolar schizophrenics with delusions of grandeur, and generally about 3 years of suck. and some dirtball who got pissed on by some meth addict, what else, some shitty altmodel who also seemed bipolar, and had a vagina that looked like a crusty punks stretched ears but without the rings. was that zoohead? the oontz has been seriously lacking, now if mero, mr,horse and a few others came back it would return to its greatness. besides, moped rallies, and most of that shit sounds fun, wait, is totally fucking fun. more so than the last drama thats been on here.
  8. gypsy tears will cost significantly more than 89USD.
  9. always wondered why dudes would spill the beans on banging 12oz broads on here. much better to keep the fling on good terms, in case you have a lay over you can pop in and go for it.
  10. haha. sometimes. currently wearing: i heart ny shirt blue ck boxer briefs. laying in bed,
  11. you could make a request for something and id get it for you, and you could paypal it to me. and id mail it to you.
  12. let me tell you the story of my people. but 4 realz, cool post bro.
  13. ha, I for one am glad PGW is back. that alt model is turbo hot.
  14. Today: Barbour Cap (black) WESC t shirt apparently its slim fitting (black) Ben Sherman cardigan ( dark grey) Kenneth Cole slim fit denim black socks Penguin slip on shoes (black) Burberry Glasses (black frames) Last evening: BCBG button down shirt sorta hounds tooth pattern BCBG Skinny neck tie (half windsor knot) Top Shop Cardigan (Black) Kenneth cole belt Kenneth cole slim black trousers Top Shop Shoes yes, the pointy ones with laces. shoes, not sneakers. Same Glasses as above Ben Sherman med length light grey double breasted jacket. look of confusion/disgust/intrigue on my face watching some girl OD on the dance floor, I am officially not returning to any Ultra Lounges anytime soon. its been a cold summer.
  15. T.T Boy


    sure thing bud. ill leave my current urban setting, sell my transit pass and maybe give that a try. umad? try not to jihad me if i draw a picture of a prophet who loved smashing 12 year olds. religions are such nonsense.
  16. T.T Boy

    IPad 3G

    looks kinda meh to me. unless i could use CS5 on it as a draw pad it looks like a stupid toy to me. maybe newer version will work for me. I want to see what RIM comes out with. seems more like a fanboy toy than anything actually super functional in the business world. except for reading large documents on a trans atlantic flight instead of carrying a notebook. the way apple seems to rent you hardware really turns me off any of their products.
  17. T.T Boy


    does it include not stoning any women to death for being raped during the day or can the stonings go ahead after dark? or do they get an overall grace period for the month?
  18. Ok, what im saying is IF it were all stand up or more of a stand up match, not that if ground game was disallowed. youre reading it incorrectly. it wasnt a point, it was an opinion. he may have injured his ribs, he may not have, he still won, and if it was intentionally by submission, even more respect to him. You cant argue against Silvas skill. its been proven by his record. Im glad he beat sonnen, but it would have been better to see a nice KO. i think the ground game, and all the All American wrestlers make the sport incredibly boring. The silvia fight was boring because of it, Carwin should have easily won against lesnar (why it wasnt called is beyond me) and that went to typical boring Wrestling. I find the ground game very boring.
  19. if that fight was all stand up silva would have had it in 3 rounds. fuck sonnen and his lame wrestling shit. i hate all these title figts going to stupid boring ground game. dude talked a lot of shit and lost. no rematch needed.
  20. you sound like the worst veggie ever. Meat, chicken and fish are far more expensive. unless you eat garbage burgers from burger king or something like that. you dont need to shop at whole foods to be veg. cooking good veg food is cheap as shit and super healthy too. lentils, rice, spinach, yams make an excellent veggie patty. vermicelli soups, stirfrys, soups, so much shit that costs nothing. and grow a garden its so retard friendly anyone can do it. dig a hole, put seeds in, water. pick food. you can rack seeds even high grade organic ones. im not anti meat, i could give a fuck, but you suck at being veg.
  21. beauty bar on fremont street was decent, it was some indie/semi hipster shit, but chilling with locals was cool. there was some dive next to it that was cool too. buy your own alcohol, at liquor stores, shit is way way to expensive to buy on the strip. or, go to the good casinos, play the penny slots, bet nothing (1c on 1 line) and youll get a decent supply of free drinks. i chilled at the pool and hollered at girls and caught a tan, and that was good for me. touring casinos was fucking lame. avoid circus circus like aids. i did molly and almost took home two mexican girls with a baby in tow. until i was saved by my homeboy. i painted a wall in 104f heat in the arts district, which was an experience. or go visit this guy
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