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  1. Easily the best show on TV now, and in the last 5 years. Karl Pilkington is pure gold. oh, watch it on http://www.icefilms.info or on http://www.re1ease.net
  2. fuck apple. fuck r.i.m, fuck microsoft too, every piece of technology has fucked up on me and sucks brilliantly, in various ways. im going to get a pager, go on usenet, and only use linux, and probably break out my schockwave discman. hope you get the songs fixed. cause i just lost 4,000 of them on my last back up/transfer yay!
  3. i wish more bogus people got elected in to positions of power.
  4. when the US and Canada have no more problems, or stop 'liberating' opressed people, then well bitch about opression. For now, I still want to visit my Communist Disneyland.
  5. Yeah, its easy enough to get in, just getting let loose by your monitor is another thing. but, these guys seemed to get in just fine going overground. http://vienna-pyongyang.blogspot.com/ Im gonna start a fundraiser. send TT to NK.
  6. Ski Mask and I are pretty big NK nerds. I will read your links, hopeing they will not talk ill of our Dear Leader, or that I havent already read them. check http://www.vbs.tv for a fun voyage to NK. BTW, I am actually wanting to go there so bad.
  7. Looks like the Roma-Viterbo line. Probably has the same pieces running today. I dont think that line has ever been buffed. Last time I saw it its just a mish mash of different models. I thought it was the Roma-Giardinetti tram/thingy that thing is well smashed.
  8. T.T Boy

    Getting even

    roll up w crew. get id back. if he lives in a warehouse hes either got gnarly squatter friends or a bunch of lame ass art school dorks. either way, roll 10 deep and get your shit back. either way, you can roll up in thre and not hurt anyone and get it back, people usually break under that pressure. or use the old tshirt ski mask trick.
  9. we got these in canada. they are good.
  10. yeah i think everyone has. found some in a treefort when i was like 8. sorta like the one shoe theory. why do you only ever see one shoe discarded on the side of the road?
  11. i usually turn my phone off on sundays. generally stay off line as well, i need to disconnect after being on a computer 12 hours a day usually. im fine with no technology and enjoy it. when its holiday time, i have no phone, usually dont check any mails, and generally stay off line. read a book, draw on paper. yes technology makes people totally stupid, some kids cant even write in cursive, but it also makes some shit crazy simple. then again, how can you be disabled without simple things like a phone and an email? loads of people never had one growing up, and went on interrails, travels etc just fine. people used to buy these things called maps, and used payphones, and even went inside banks. im not trying to be a dick, but youre not trapped, youre just a little less comfortable. everything since the invention of the wheel and discovery of fire is 'technology' so weve always been advancing since day one. but there are some basic life skills everyone should know. i think part of people not being able to remember things is that were constantly bombarded with information all day and we only remember what we choose to. also, we dont really need to remember certain things, things i learned in certain high school classes have 0 importance to me now, and probably never will. technology allows me to research it a lot easier, but it hasnt made me an idiot. technology is amazingly good, and amazingly bad. but its not going anywhere.
  12. nyc aint that expensive, just dont be an idiot with money. half the fun of nyc is just wandering around catching tags, and being there. get a cheap hostel, cook your food. unless youre gonna be hanging at some posh places it isnt really that bad. montreal, get poutine. and find the byob stip oints.
  13. damn that sucks. get well soon man. dude seemed like a super nice and cool guy. he knew his shit too.
  14. how did this get so long? twist=legit. os gemeos=legit street cred of both groups=legit. doing flare tags in red paint = fun.
  15. was it at veras burger shack? pregaming it for a night at the pumpjack? jokes guys jokes. hp coming thru with a proper H maneuver.
  16. i burnt a qu'ran to cd today. it was all a play on words guys.
  17. i dun goofed now. shit was reported to the cyberpolice.
  18. thread is now for the lulz but how can you hate on a giant wall of great handstyles. handstlyes that have been jocked so hard for the last 10 years too.
  19. koons shit is boring and fucking stupid, mildly offensive at best. then againt, its hard to argue against an opinion. still who wants to busy some prints? dont knock the hustle.
  20. oh and guy has been putting in work for years. more thsn most 12oz graffers. he got fame, and money. lucked out. if you cant see these images are being stolen youre an idiot. so what he ripped off a communist poseter, sergivolhkeheoihdov probably got a medal for the sweet poster. now shep gets 20g a couple hookers and a fun night. 99% of you have been ripping off an artform that died in the late 80s.
  21. i have a bunch of shepard fairey prints, limited edition, mint condition for sale. pm me, if you mention oontz ill give you a ddeal other wise theyre going ebay. legit sigs on em too.
  22. fuck a job today got fucked up starting at 4. hustled a bit, turned phone off. wenrt to pub, almost got wild there. went home. tmr another party at the pub. sunday skype dates, and rehab. monday, frantically call my stupid lawyer to get someone to appear for me on tuesday.
  23. no, i found a wicked shop in edmonton ive been going to. none of the dudes have the attitude the calgary guys seem to have. but ill get something from him someday. i have a lot to get finished first. haha calgary fans at the saddle dome do suck, theyre all corpoprate seats, and fairweather fans. now that the city is broke its a lot better. less bandwagon fans. but calgary wont do shit this year. i went to one canucks homegame and it seemed exactly the same, yaletown yuppies eating sushi, and a bunch of corporate types who could care less, but i know most of the real fans cant afford the 200 tickets and 9.50 beers. canada could easily get another team, there arent many us cities who would want one, or could support one, maybe portland or seattle. but its only a matter of time before places like nashville, atlanta, tampa and carolina get bored with the whole hockey thing and these teams fold. look at phoenix. 2 more seasons tops. bettman wont give it to basillie because it wasnt his idea. thats the only reason. chicago dumped like their who team! no way they can repeat!
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