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  1. DrDopez MD


    so what half my friends still got those games and we still play em! cuz we ghetto like that.. dont make me flick my atari cartridges...
  2. wait iceland!?!?!? hell naw all that stuff is fire fire though
  3. DrDopez MD

    RR Maps

    south eastern what!
  4. i goto lay-ups a lot and smoke out. im just wondering if im alone on this or if everyones an alcoholic. i mean i know most would think "damn your makin that spot hotter then atlanta tracks in august." but then again we're not all in atlanta right now. really my question is this am i the only one out there being a fool and smoking and drinking whilst painting trains im usually not drinking but always got somethin rolled up im cautious with my shit and know when its hot should i worry? anyone else have any advice? something? alright thanks.......
  5. daks! whats up with that flick of the blank car im all for yummy flicks of tasty cars but that type of car isnt that tasty to me? damn now im hungry
  6. dream still burns. felons got some of the best strait letters around
  7. DrDopez MD

    Yard Safety

    ive done my share of hiding out under trains although these trais i know like the back of my hand they never move at night and are way the hell away from any type of engine. although one thing ive done which is defintly not a good idea was on 3 seperate occasions i was forced to run from actually real POLICE not bulls in train yards. ive never seen a bull now that i think of it but anyways me and my friend start running between lines of trains but the pursuers can see us the whole time despite the fact thier far behind (we were running in a autorack yard) so we decide to climb the ladders and start running on the tops of the trains and jump to the next ones. ive actually chilled on top of many a laid up train getting high since i started smoking n painting. i know its a stupid idea i just felt the need to share my stupidity so to better validate the point of this thread. dont be stupid!
  8. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4589/TRACKCHICKS2.JPG'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4589/022_22a.jpg'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4589/Vhcbabys.jpg'> these are all scenes i caught WHILE painting sorry no bitches by pieces
  9. that looks like one hella ill jam but why no flicks of the countless other pieces...?
  10. so i guess good graffiti is the same damned fr8 heads over n over i mean ill give em thier ups but what about variety and shouldnt you be able to read train graff a little easier most trains i know tend to roll pretty fast.
  11. ayer revolutioninized the West coast bombing scene he brought graff to the tressels and heavens like no one else had. for this he will be rememberd not for his death but for his legacy that can be seen on the streets around the world. rip ayer.
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