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  1. no heat n hot water cold freezin every evenin ever since i was in a incubator i was a terrible mastorbator
  2. cerndog wutup wit weekend at cernies door to door distribution esay gee peee kizzle
  3. i love vaper not the imposter vapes for president
  4. bumperstiltskin for BIG BERDA and those stupid stoners
  5. holey vapors batman wowsers thats one mothafuckin sick vapors
  6. ding ding ding congratulations you win the most retarded comment of the year award if you ask me thats pretty gangster to go up there for flicks in the day time.. er it could have been night time maybe foolios just got a heavy duty flash
  7. abuse freight mad tite britneys got chubby arms just how i like um
  8. eh chill man with the disease dropping thats how fools be gettin caught these days
  9. some of the pieces dont really match with the background but THOSE MONKEYS RULE!
  10. o fuk ive thought to myself almost the same exact thing but coudlnt figure out how to explain.. you the man
  11. that muse picture looks unreal haha totally unreal bro!..its like out of this world duuude
  12. holey shit that gotue is so sick its scaring me... and how KADY instaid of painting on an old busted van he chose the newer model molester van...thas the shit!
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