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  1. another onion?! whoaa! NICE LETTERS! :P onion (toy from finland)
  2. lol! "Ruma" is finnish and means ugly... :idea:
  3. onion


    :confused: uhh... now montana's website says that there's NO FAKED MONTANA CANS in market... so there is no reason for panic ;) -> http://www.montana-cans.com/ ----------- Customer information Regarding: !!!NO FAKE MONTANAS!!! Unfortunately a rumour has been spread during the last few days, initiated by the Spanish manufacturer of Montana cans, us, L&G Distribution and the Inflammable Mailorder, would distribute “fake” Montana Cans, that means counterfeit goods. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! True is, that we have a valid contract with Montana Colors s.l., which enables us to produce and distribute Goods with the trademark “Montana”. It is also true, that we have been producing and distributing Cans with the original “montana”-design and the corresponding quality for almost two years now, with explicit permission and acknowledgement of Montana Colors s.l.. The most familiar example is the 500ml “teeror”-can from Montana, which is a product from our own ranks for quite a while now. What has happened? When we started to import Montana Cans to Germany 5 years ago, nobody knew these cans. Even we were new to this subject. With great efforts we introduced the cans to the market, although they were not having today’s quality. Today’s valve, which is completely different and much better compared to the former valve, the Donut, the improved quality of the paint, the reference to graffiti caused by our origin, sourced in graffiti for more than 10 years now made us know about the requirements an artist has to his tools, all this and more were innovations provided by L&G, to improve the can over the years and create the ultimate tool to make it available to spraycan-artists everywhere. Plus the continuos enlargement of the colour range, just to mention a few things. Today nobody would want to paint with the old cans again, caused by the many improvements throughout the years. Today we are by far the biggest distributor of Montana Cans. and still growing, our distribution partners in Europe and out of Europe operate at full capacity. Today we are still willing to go on like this for long time, but together with our Spanish friends. Unfortunately, Montana Colors s.l. has on the basis of it’s size never been able to supply our needs on cans, until today every single can is still handmade. This was the cause why we decided to cover the delivery bottlenecks with orders at other production sites. The recipes were given to us by Montana Colors s.l. in original and we have exchanged some ingredients for the benefit of health and environment, BUT THE QUALITY STILL STAYS EXCELLENT AND IS AT LEAST THE SAME, LARGELY EVEN BETTER THAN THE ONE WE HAVE NOW, regarding the covering and pattern of the paint. A few months ago, a company called Farbo S.A. from Switzerland suddenly claimed us for damages for distributing Montana Cans. They own the trademark „Montana“ for almost 20 years now for the range of paints and varnish. In tough negotiations we were able to convince them that the graffiti market we are in was something different from the regular paint-market they are in. Finally they agreed to give us a license in return of a considerable amount of money, to ensure the trade and the production of the cans in future. We did not get any support from Montana Colors s.l. in this time, rather converse. They told us Farbo S.A. was our own problem and they could not help it. Now the situation turned and Farbo S.A. is now claiming Montana Colors s.l. for damages because the Spanish people are and have always been the manufacturer and knew about the problem with the trademark. We tried to figure out why Montana Colors s.l. started this campaign against us, and we believe they are afraid of losing us as a customer and that we will start our own, complete production of Montana Cans, because we are enabled to, based on the license from Farbo S.A. which could even be used against Montana Colors s.l.. In return we have the suspect the moves made by Montana Colors s.l., the termination of contractually agreed sales areas and their separation from us, are supposed to lead to management of the sales-areas, their distributions and markets in and outside Germany by Montana Colors s.l. themselves. The build-up of these distributions and markets was our work and our success during the last years, and it was our money we spent in the structure we have today. Therefore Montana Colors s.l. gave us the guarantee to use the name Montana during the contract period and for the future. Montana Colors’ suspicion whereas is without any reason, it is baseless. We have tried and we will still try to find a solution, together with Montana Colors s.l., and we still have a valid contract with them that we definitely want to fulfill and extend. Our use and access to other production sites was just a reaction to the sustained delivery bottlenecks caused by Montana Colors s.l. in Spain. We would regret an argument, on the other hand we cannot tolerate the backbiting of Montana Colors s.l. towards us. We will surely fight if we have to, fight for you, fight for us and fight for the trademark and the product „Montana-Cans“, the trademark we established and that we have found a love to. We promise you to be there when you need cans, we will not step back, and that you will always find here the best quality and the best service you got used to during the last years. The best quality, developed by artists for artists, we know your needs!! We hope these informations were helpful, to give you chance to see behind the curtain of rumours, to anticipate the grapevine. Have a nice day Your L&G/Inflammable-Team -----------
  4. -> http://www.montanacolors.com/faked.htm ------------ FAKED MONTANA CANS THE DIFFERENCES ARE: FAKED CANS: - The info about how to use the can (on the backside) is written in german, english, polish, finish, sweden and danish. And also the background is black and the letters are white, the oposite of the original. - Has no "boina", instead has a transparent plastic piece on it. - When the can says: manufactured for L+G in german, must been made in Barcelona, Spain. - The "donut" it looks the same. - Underneath of the can has a stamp that says the color in spanish, france and english. - The paint is not the same quality and so not the one we guarantee. Montana Colors is allready in a judicial way for taking out from the market the faked cans. ------------ onion
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