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  1. 17? youre fucked even if your sister is 21. you have to be 21 to do anything over here unless you got a fake id from maryland or some other eastcoast location.
  2. TOY

    Best Diss

    i wish i had one-liners but i like clowning on them all day. this kid at work was being a bitch over some dumb shit so i called him a lil girl and a bitch all day. finally he was like you need to quit with that shit and i was like "ok princess." he loved that.
  3. from the mouth of chris rock as his worst pick up line- i have herpes, wanna fuck?
  4. TOY

    your CELLphone

    http://pic5.picturetrail.com:80/VOL83/536141/775525/10709834.jpg'> i got this now but i want this http://pic5.picturetrail.com:80/VOL83/536141/775525/10709827.jpg'> v70 muthafuckas. swivels open instead of flipping open. its $550 though. fuck it ill, get it anyway
  5. i beat the shit out of a borderline retard. hes reatarded but not really retarded-special ed and all that but he could pass for a dumbass regular person. he talked a lot of shit so i went to his house after school and damn near broke his nose off and beat him in the head pretty good.
  6. today i had a cinammon raison bread grill cheese sammich and it was actually good-really good. when im at work, i eat the kellogg's premade ricecrispy treats-the big 310 calory ones, king size twix, and charleston chews. im not big on snacks but i love them ricecripsy treats.
  7. TOY


    you think those are bad jobs? at least we dont live in india as part as the untouchable class-the lowest class with no way to advance-cleaning other people's toilets or sweeping trash and sewage out of the gutter and then still have to live on the streets cuz you only have enough money to eat.
  8. i was supposed to go with my uncle n'em but decided not to cuz them people can drive my crazy quickly and 10 days is too long to be stuck in the middle of the ocean with them.
  9. whats out my window is my next door neighbor's house and thats all i can see. doesnt really matter cuz my blinds have stayed closed since weve moved in. damn las vegas home builders dont care about nothing except money so they put as many houses as they can in one area with barely any front or backyard and nothing really on the sides.
  10. TOY

    dress code

    gap and dkny. i love my brand new already faded jeans and polo shirts. sometimes ill put khakis on just cuz its funny to dress nice. the thing is, i wear theses nice clothes then throw some airforce ones or other retro shoes on. its ghetto suburban-subhetto. oh, and im black wearing gap and dkny.
  11. TOY


    2003 sl 500 sc 430 s2000 TT coupe http://pic5.picturetrail.com:80/VOL83/536141/830792/9707266.jpg'> carrera and carrera 4 http://pic5.picturetrail.com:80/VOL83/536141/830792/9707259.jpg'> a couple of these 2003 745i some of the cars ive had the privledge to drive around. man, i love woking at the car wash.
  12. i like anyone as long as they look good and intelligent enough to hold a descent conversation about stuff other than bullshit. im filipino and black so being mixed, i dont have a right to be choosy.
  13. TOY


    i wasnt going to say anything but i swear you people in here are the worst. you cant come down on one race cuz of the way they talk. everyone incorperates slang in their speech pattern. when i kick it with the white homies that listen to punk and ride bmx, i barely know what the fuck theyre talking about cuz them kids got some slang of their own but includes "ebonics." so i dont know what to say about that but thats how anyone talks-everyone got their own slang so dont pull that ebonics shit.
  14. when my hair was froed, everybody was like whoa look at your hair son, its tight. after awhile i was like fuck it and i give myself the #1 cut every week. thinking about growing it out again but not as long.
  15. man, b-ball shorts with no droors, youll never go back to underwear again. i keep it comando most of the time except work-theres something about tucking in a shirt with no underwear on. once i get home, my bare balls are in some b-ball shorts.
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