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  1. Re: Squares and Shark flicks it wasnt a makoshark by anychance was it???
  2. warming cans... great idea i tryed last year and it helps some. put ur cans ur in between the dashboard and windsheild and turn the defroster vent on full blast and heat them motherfuckers up... but nontheless painting in the dead cold isnt good.
  3. no fliks yet but i just got done doing some peices on flower pots. im defanetly intot he whole graff on obscure things i hope this thread goes somewhere.
  4. great great post, peices are so fresh and so clean
  5. Re: FEC fam from VA.... and crims and jerk 4 too.....? its all good anyways they dont even push FEC anymore once someone started pullin shady shit on the and talkin shit behind their backs .... u know who u are crash test dummy
  6. i have nothing good to say about lyes..... so i wont say nothing at all, but the rest is a nice post.
  7. there is a flik of that on the 'weekend trip to kc' thread
  8. great post vatos locos forever!!!
  9. man i wish i lived in california.... great and awesome post, made my day
  10. not trying to start shit just trying to find out who is that directed to??
  11. more fliks to be dropped soon..... for now i gotta go make that money....
  12. http://www.vagraff.com/jerk/rollerf.jpg'> http://www.vagraff.com/jerk/rollerch.jpg'> http://www.vagraff.com/jerk/bum1.jpg'> http://www.vagraff.com/jerk/bum2.jpg'>
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