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  1. no need to lose hope rage...itll take a while but itll probably get to at least the first 20 ppl...its on number 5 and im sure it looks sick its coming slowly, but at least its comin
  2. aritey kiddies, tt--youve had the book a good week now...so lets speed it up and try to get this shit back on course...send it on
  3. yo jib37, i saw a lot of ronin and curve shit on the amtrak on the way to boston, all over the place man keep up the good fucking work!
  4. i get all excited for NJ flicks and they dont work!! fix em
  5. cmon now, what the fuck is this? NO ONE KNOWS? bump
  6. hey all, i was riding down the parkway today, somewhere between the raritan bridge and the overpass that the huge mayhem block used to be...that was then painted over, and the irate savior rip nace was...anyway there was a new piece (new to me) on the sound barrier on the southbound side...it was yellow and white, and looked fairly attractive, but i wasnt able to see what it said, or who did it...anyone know?
  7. that is fucking disgusting, on the way to being funny, but it took a wrong turn
  8. I have been drawin and sketching and painting for a short while, about maybe 2 years...and i think ive gotten pretty good at my simples, and some wilder styles...i have good can control, and a nice handstyle...recently, a lot of shit ive been drawing just looks the same, and im tired of it, and the more i think about it the less diverse i get with my work...its so frustrating...ive tried putting away the pencil for a while, but nothing seems to work...anyone ever have this problem? any recomendations? im going out of my mind
  9. wow, those are amazing dude, im at a loss of words
  10. i called jessica alba way before dark angel, and even before idle hands...my god she must have been sent from heaven:eek: :love:
  11. I know the pickings are slim, but i tried to include at least some kind of small diversity...Hallie Berry, Jessica Alba, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore (LEGALLY), Jessica Simpson Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, those girls from Dream, Bjork, or Marge from the Simpsons
  12. Who Would You Rather Fuck and Why?....I Tried To Get a Little Something For Everyone...Sorry If You Arent Satisfied.
  13. im sure the answer is just staring me in the face over here in the "post new thread" page, but i just cant find it...i see where you click Yes! I Want A Poll, but where do you type in what you want it to say? thanks in advance--LMNOP
  14. ive been saying how hot she was before she even came out with idle hands....i worship her
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