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  1. thatjunkee

    spotted 41

    are,? (from99 ) ? box onorok upfe mber ?box lack,alke hopper gs,chisme cydx ist csxcoal car det crflat jets (bomb)nsauto onorok nsbox seug<lofer atwbox wyse e2e csxtbox neck e2e kcsbox monk ( barely visible ) ?box jail (like95) ?box goal floatin ?box more ,but fork it ( flix will tell all )
  2. whose beside the tyme ?? ( is that tyme from the eastern region ?)
  3. tis the season ..nice o nice >>>
  4. hellls yeah , fuckin awesome thread !! what a treat
  5. wasnt jbue on the left panel with that dondi??? post it up ..( it was an ACE of jbues )
  6. 12-8-01 kram(hollow)smbox crenes flox hopper sevon,spen(character)?hopper much,yen?box phem,mick(floatinwithwings)csxtbox nace,met white trop. seone,tsc(on the door), ?? , csxt box eidr(or etdr??) sm box reno ,rinso? white trop. lea(hollow says "where the D")white trop high,.?,sire,stren,mc???,? e2e up auto burn,?,super,high,sire,wild bn auto ..................theatbeit..........
  7. who is beside che?? post that ..
  8. I think I met u for a brief minute in fla. at some wall jam.. hit me back to b.s. taxjiant@hotmail.com
  9. thatjunkee

    tree snakes

    that has to be the best con piece I have ever seen . way to go . breh!!
  10. caught in fla. today part 1 chisme/eacho (hopper) diet/dlae (upfe) vizie{tropicana) joce/moka(tropicana) size/stain(?box) ?/tiny LEwis floatin(?box) fesup/forge(gondola) sigh{gvsr) a fake Heven(hopper) gs/zink (hopper) gues(csxt) siner(kcs) res (hs)still floatin around quebert hollow '96(hopper) thats all for now folks
  11. floopidy woozes!!!!!!!
  12. http://freephoto-i.net/users/ralph/goulDEFS.JPG'> this how we do it off the front porch ....
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