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  1. Topik

    gangstah image

    that spider character and the racecar is fucking fresh.. im feeling the freights more then the pieces, not really into that type of lettering style.. but dope post for sure.
  2. Topik


    :eek: your rooftops and trains are dope.. raels is dope too.. lovin that steel flic the most thow. dope post.
  3. characters are fresh. props on the ill can control.
  4. Topik

    Action Flics

    :idea: that canvase of the dude with the gas mask is sick.
  5. Topik


    :eek: Giant's shit has never fallen short of the highest expectations ever given, and came out more fresh each time. definatly feeling that wheat paste poster next to his piece, thats a dope touch.
  6. Topik


    damn.. fresh post.. its long as hell, and the more i scrolled down, the more i was liking it.. feeling the learn, and bump for mber.. hot shit.
  7. hot damn.. thats definatly fresh for your first time.. why the fuck havent you been getting up this whole time.. keep it up..
  8. hot damn.. i wish i was into graffiti when i went to texas.. but only went to el paso.. defintaly a dope post.. vizie is FRESHHHHHHHHHH...
  9. fresh post.. definatly feeling all of the elk and sigh shit.. that sigh on the clouds is dope.. loving that ebis too.. i dont know.. im just feeling it
  10. that tokeo shits burning.. got a couple of his flix, get them posted when i get a hold of them.. let me get em astro..
  11. i dont know what it is... but every cope freight is dope. that kero steel is on some next shit.. along with that clean aroe steel. where these pics tooken at?
  12. nice post. that worm shit is hot... loving the sane hollow, and the piece across from it.. fresh pics
  13. Topik

    human canvas 2

    Damn dude, all that shit is hot. wait, do you live in japan, or just on some visit? email some shit, cause i used to live there, and bombed all over osaka. hit me up... fresh shit.
  14. damn.. all those steel flicks are banging. feeling that cycle whole-car throwie... cope still running shit.. love it
  15. fresh sketch.. just keep up the work, and keep your shit straight. so that it isnt all wavy and shit, thats what kills your piece. straight thow. keep painting.
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