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  1. reads

    Hawaii Graf?

    ah yeah, bigups to disko ask. and uhhh samo and phraze have'nt seen you kids in a while. And i can't forget BEER1 whats up main. [This message has been edited by reads (edited 05-14-2001).]
  2. listin to all that bullshit, I "herd" the beef was partially due to some one going over some old smith or sane stuff, and mq. someone did get stabbed... if you've never heard of Ja or foe before that then you must be really... new to graffiti. It took one year to do; thirty nights, 97 gallons of paint and some spraypaint. respect it but don't jock to hard either, you guys should be motivated to top it.
  3. reads

    Hawaii Graf?

    ahhhh ive been in frisko fer a while so i might be out of it... i herd one of the many atak's is up there now though. hmr crew is reprezenting hard on the bigisland. i duuno i got some pics though some new some old, like katchs neighborhood shit, and some shit east did on the big island etc, fer all the people that thought there was no graff there.
  4. reads

    Hawaii Graf?

    okay that shit is wack im sorry you might just be starting or what ever keep it up but practice real hard.And i dont see any of katch's characters there. Hawaii has some dope writers and a shit load of midweight writers. EAST rock steady hawaii, Alert, dap, katch, lycos, gezus,the original heis1, 3 blind mice, 808 giants, legion of styl ,evil kings, Re, hmr, FE, etc etc etc.i havent been there in a while and about going all city there there is only really three islands with writers, the most beign on oahu, honozulu. next would be maui then last and least the big island. there not about bullshit exposure from magazines or websites but ill post some flix when i get there in a few days.
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