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  1. psycho realm is dope, period*:king:
  2. Celo

    Fav Cereal

    that pop tart" ceral was good as hell, but for now "rice krispie treats"
  3. did any of you knoe about thiS?
  4. Celo

    Does anyone know

    Those little busses were TIGGGHHHTTT!!! we used to use those a little peice books
  5. i say.... 1.South Park 2. The Man Show 3.Family Guy 4.Simpsons 5.Sienfield Did anyone see when cartman goes to the Maury show?Thats shit was funny like hell!
  6. dUCK hunt,HABURGER TIME",and donkey koNG
  7. Fuck man i dont know how this happens but it does.It always seems like if my dick gets over excited and i start nutting,and im like "WHAT THE FUCK!" the girls ive been with dont seem to mind ,i tell them before hand,im sure they talk shit later.But how can i stop this problem? Does any one have natural methods of Viagra,or any techniques?Help a dog out"
  8. I know about that type of shit.I live in L.A. And onetime i caught this spot and i walk a bit and some dam disco light goes off and says "This is a no-graffiti area""We are dialing the police" and your hear fucking dialing! Shit freaked me out.Then this asshole comes out of his building trying to chase me.Fuck that bitch,next time im blasting t that foo.........fuck people that try to be heroes
  9. He has excellent can control!- In the shellbyville episode, with the lemon tree hahaha! yeah i like that one!
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