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  1. there are old busway flicks floating around on this website. you should look for them. here it is 2006 and we are still talking about shit that was painted 12 or more years ago. the people who did that still live in seattle for the most part, maybe instead of admiring their graffiti we should admire them as people and live their example. they grew up, they moved on. I remember the graffiti there so vividly. sometimes I would wait an extra 15 minutes to take the express bus that would cruise down busway. I imagine that is the way kids in new york felt back in the day.. waiting all day long to see the newest, freshest shit. I can still see it, I don't need pictures. respect to LOKIES who absolutely crushed busway in the early 90's and absolutely crushed Metro with scribes. you don't here his name brought up enough, I remember seeing dope dope fill-ins from him on the regular. in my opinion, a TRUE seattle king.
  2. stay out of white center! we dont like you anyways. fuck you, Adek is everywhere. but even he doesn't come to White Center.
  3. there are no rules anymore... scribes on windows with video cameras??? do it! then run to san fran..tag every pillar of the aurora bridge? including a memorial to a dead bus driver? fucking do it! that shit will get you on the news... but how many graf writers watch the news anyways? fucking hell.. you guys know what's up. you know there is a network of writers that stretches from here to eternia and back. you know that if you can run from graffiti-related trouble you can run from anything and then you will find yourself in one hell of a spot. graffiti in seattle isn't just about graffiti. everyone knows. the cops, the feds, everyone knows what is what. the cops aren't after you because you aren't shit. you are a small fish in an ocean of oceans. do your thing and get off, while you can, on the feeling that you're getting over on someone or something... enjoy it while it lasts, because someday it won't be fun anymore.
  4. I think that Serf dis is tight. although Serf isn't all wingtips and tuxedoes. when I ran into him it was at a diesel store opening near Union Square and we ganked hella colt45. he had a greasy mullet. it's funny because he has put in a lot of work in nyc and if you were there you'd probably jock him. even funnier is that outtatowners get crossed out in nyc all the time, so it's nice to see one of them get a taste of their own medicine. props to Seedr for doing what a lot of us were thinking and for his upbeat tag quotes: "I Need Money!" was my favorite. someone needs to buy that man a new pink paint pen. p.s. anyone see the puzle interview in the new Clout? kerse, flare, kiloe, ern and others all got shouts.
  5. what's up with all the free Grave shit? are you guys seriously still pushing Grave even after he TURNED SNITCH?! I've been one of the major proponents on this board of KYT/DTC shit, but you guys are playing yourselves. FREE HYMN2.
  6. ..this piece makes me feel like I'm in the original NES game Clu Clu Land. a lot of his pieces are very nice indeed.
  7. Dubs is fresh. good to see him getting down with some classy dudes. you always knew he was gonna do it. the real FC? that's just nuts. where are those pieces?
  8. ^agreed. I never met dude, but I saw a lot of his shit. walking around alleys at night down by the hookah spot. he had a throwy right on third near the courthouse and, like I said, alot of shit in alleyways. I've also been seeing Lohs stickers downtown. what's up?! if anyone knows how to contact him, please hit me up. FLOEROX. BUMP 4 ANOREXIC JET BLACK HAIR HAVING EMO BITCHES.
  9. not to diss Bike, but that B looks just like Bier in P-town. keep up the good work, though, I've been seeing a lot of Bike stuff lately. to be fair, it's mostly stickers, but that's more than I can say for a lot of people. maybe that comment someone on here made lit a fire under your ass, either way it's always nice to see someone make it past Union. on a side note, there is a clown in Seattle named Deano. he's been here for over 20 years and has for those years had the novelty license plate "Bike" on his truck. it's fucking tight. plus he's a clown. someone offered him $10,000 for the plates and he turned it down. end of story.
  10. konichiwa enew, indeed. I'm really liking the new Kema stuff. I don't think there has ever been new Kema stuff I didn't like. you and Abno work well together, I still remember the pieces you guys did up on Five Points. where's pilau these days?
  11. I think the truly ironic thing is that it often times takes someone like seattledied to make us realize how shitty this whole thing is in the first place. a friend of mine who was around in '98 put it this way, "if there are 16 year-old kids running around claiming to be kings, there isn't really a king at all, is there?" trust me, I respect ANYONE who risks themself to write on a wall, but only to a point. just think about how many writers have disappeared within the last year. don't see much _____ around anymore do you? I respect consistency and determination. if you want it, work. hard. and for a long time. good luck. hope I see you next year. p.s. go cop the new albulation Who Let the Hungry Eat, it will partially restore your partial faith in 206 hip-hop. also, go find a copy of Maroon Colony's album from '98. takes me back.
  12. I always thought Oze painted that character, I mean who else really pushed VMF? it is pretty fresh. thanks for posting flicks Refleks. the poe and rain freeway flick is my favorite. I remember seeing that shit and haven't thought about it ever since. it just goes to show that those KYT heads put up a large volume of work all over the city when something like that is ho-hum enough to forget.
  13. let's have a Sober easter egg hunt. #1) on cherry under the I-5 southbound lanes between 7th and 8th. where else can one find original Sober hits?
  14. take has another kid on the way? nutty. good luck to him and his continued pursuits as a businessman and father. I saw Eno a couple of years ago at the Rocksteady 25th Anniversary. he was rocking these weird gotcha! shorts and some floppy kicks with neon involved? he looked like a surfer bart simpson, but eno. he brought an axe to school one time. he was up like a champ in new york, including manhattan central booking, I assume the same goes for frisco, and maybe its penal institutions as well. have you seen the polaroid of eno in Vice? funny shit.
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