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  1. People who sit in the aisle seat on trains and buses, yet leave the window seat free..even more so when the train is busy. Just take the window seat.
  2. I just checked and it says I created my profile in 2001. I'd been lurking for about a year before that - a couple of my friends became mods on here back in the day, I've only just started checking in regularly again over the last couple of years and was surprised my login still worked!
  3. Nice, I was supposed to pass through SD last week on a spraycation from London, sadly it all fell through...
  4. Every time...."where's those fucking keys?????" Usually when you're in a rush to go somewhere.
  5. I know what you mean, but saying that the last time this team did a game you could switch between new-style artwork and the original pixel art style plus flip the soundtrack too...I'm going to wait and see personally.
  6. Streets of Rage 4 coming out soon as well...
  7. Loved that game in the arcades...
  8. 2016...somewhere in Springfield.
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