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  1. Loved that game in the arcades...
  2. 2016...somewhere in Springfield.
  3. Yep end of last year...got a couple more floating around somewhere.
  4. Need to get back out to Springfield...good times.
  5. Mista_Merc

    On my travels

    Cheers...got loads of bits lying around from over the years and this thread seems like the ideal place to add it.
  6. Yeah they should have shouted DIZNEEEE! In all honesty.
  7. That tribute wall was done in south London by Skore, Syks and Dek - it was a fun one to watch being put up, Skore did a great job on the characters and popped them up really quick. There's a little bit of info about it on http://www.hurtyoubad.com
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