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  1. Mista_Merc

    Burners and Style!

    That tribute wall was done in south London by Skore, Syks and Dek - it was a fun one to watch being put up, Skore did a great job on the characters and popped them up really quick. There's a little bit of info about it on http://www.hurtyoubad.com
  2. Mista_Merc

    On my travels

    Liking that pink and lilac Tors...rocking as always.
  3. Mista_Merc


    Alright Reds...yeah I'm cool, just trying to keep the old hands going whenever - done a few this year, just trying not to let my little painting hobby get too slack. Say hello to the others from me, no doubt see you guys again this year. Cam - straightforward stuff. Just keep going over and over it with a mixture of soft and fatcaps until you think it looks blurry enough. Basically, finish the piece off from a distance rather than close up with skinnies. The flic doesn't really do it any justice, it's a lot more blurry in the flesh.
  4. Mista_Merc


  5. Mista_Merc


  6. Mista_Merc


    Some bits and bobs I had lying around to add to this thread..
  7. Mista_Merc


    Nice stuff. Deserves a bump.
  8. Mista_Merc

    The UK Blackbook

    The last one's kinda cool - some of them I would have liked to see in black and white...maybe that's because I'm more into letterform than colours.
  9. Mista_Merc

    The Video Game Thread -Fall Edition-

    Metroid Prime 2 - playing it at the moment, su - fucking - perb.
  10. Mista_Merc

    Wacom tablet users. WHAT UP?

    I've been using Wacom tablets for a short while now, both at home and at work - once you get past the clumsy hamfisted feel you get when you first use it, you'll wonder why you ever put up with a mouse before. I use the Intuos3 at work and it feels very slick plus the pen is superb. I've found though if you have the deskspace, position the tablet in front of the keyboard rather than to the side like a mouse and it feels more instinctive.
  11. Mista_Merc

    Burners and Style!

    The Arab above and that New Zealand Atom piece - on fire. Jay from Paris is always burning too. But below, it's all about the T-Bag.
  12. Mista_Merc

    Bates - Brandnew flicks...

    That silver trackside Bates on the previous page is kinda fresh, in a fresh sort of way. Bump it goes.
  13. Mista_Merc

    uk wall flixs

    Here's a joiner of that piece... And a better shot of the Koad.
  14. Mista_Merc


    Hmmm surprised you see to type or even move your fingers with that 2 inch thick layer of dried up man diesel all over your face and hands. Gucci Condom hah! More like Man Pipe Munching Gucci Condom...has your mum still got her own section next to scat and animals in the sex shop? ;)
  15. Mista_Merc


    Your mum's so skinny she has to wear a belt with spandex.