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  1. So im sitting around on this rainy night, and I decide to try this Kazaa and I type in "spink kicks mom", sure enough I download this interview, it turns out to be some TOY that calls him self "jus", and he just talks about catching tags with his boyfriend on there steamed up mirror after they get out of the shower together.
  2. haha, that was slick man, real clever.
  3. can anyone tell me where I can find some mp3 interviews or anything???
  4. This has got to be one of my favorite threads so far.
  5. you know, I can not get enough Katch stuff! That dude has got some ill STEEEZ!
  6. x317BOMBx

    New Boxcars...

    well you know what I mean by the car being white, yo coffin cheater hit me up LoganweaponX03@aol
  7. x317BOMBx

    New Boxcars...

    Brand new BNSF refer, all white, born on date...2-02, they only made 700 of these cars! BOO-YAH!
  8. Holy crap! big ups on all that.
  9. Is that Isore kid from indianapolis? or can you not tell me?
  10. I dont know about that cese, its pretty wack and the names taken by a kid that rocks shit. booyah!
  11. WHOO! dang, this thred is blazin. Zink! That myth floater is bad, and the Ketch, that is a nice catch...representing Natural Koncept! Big ups!!
  12. x317BOMBx


    XXX Brass Assassin XXX I prefer Brass Knucks.
  13. I guess theres this show on MTV called "Beats,Battle, and Beef" and Jay-Z is gonna battle Nas!! its on this Friday at 5pm(thats midwest time) Im gonna check it out and see what its like...has anyone ever seen it before??
  14. You gotta love it, best hand style hands down!
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