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  1. whats up whats up yall im moving out there too knoxville in about a month hit me up...my screen name is artsncraftsoner on aim or aol
  2. bump one time Bump for my hometown, we need more flicks...dont let it die im putting together a new post just gotta get some shit scanned
  3. a few more flicks http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_smok2.jpg'> SMOK http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_smokpinky.jpg'> SMOK http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_smok3.jpg'> SMOK http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_smok4.jpg'> SMOK http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bers10.jpg'> BERS http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bers11.jpg'> BERS http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_rago.jpg'> RAG by RAGO http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/ask3.jpg'> ASK http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/pako.jpg'> PAKO sorry about the finger http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_zew2.jpg'> ZEW
  4. nice Damn...nice ish i've been waiting to see those flicks for a few weeks...peas
  5. http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_zewbluff.jpg'> ZEW way up high in Antioch stolen from http://www.angelfire.com/art/nashwriters/ PEAS
  6. nice... nice post...way to represent nashville.peas to ask reserve smok and others http://thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bersreserve2.jpg'> BERS and RESERVE http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/smok440.jpg'> SMOK http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/screw-hollow%20copy.jpg'> SCREW
  7. bump bump...meant to give you props for makin IA a while back man and i saw that ish at the muse..pretty clean...nice flicks.....peas
  8. ha ha yea i remember that shit...when i first saw it i was like what the fuck because i was flipping channels and all of the sudden i heard something along the lines of goddammit and i was like what the fuck when did they put that shit on tv....yea i think he did have on a blue north face jacket
  9. kracker boy

    Showing my ass

    nice ideas on some of those sketches...i like the 5th the best. on that first character tho...of course the ear is missing, try looking a some photos and sketching that might help you find the right proportions, and also dont put a thick black outline like that around a shaded character, it takes away from your shading....keep sketchin
  10. yum...koolaid is great, but have you guys ever had citric acid? it comes in powder form and you can prolly find it in the seasonings section at your neighborhood grocery store. talk about thug style this shit is soooo fuckin sour.***WARNING*** don't put too much in your mout at once...its not pretty One time a friend of mine at school and I decided we would fuck someone up with this stuff. So we commenced to putting a shit load of the citric acid powder in some fun dip (the mixture was about 3 parts citric acid and one part fundip). the kid pretty much poured the whole thing in his mouth at once, and we thought he was gonna die. he had to go to the water fountain for like 5 minutes and he puked in the hallway. it was all good fun but i kind of felt bad because it made his whole tongue as well as the back of his throat raw for a long fuckin time.
  11. i know ill get blazed for saying this in this thread...but its all about those old chevys lol
  12. nice insight...we need more flicks
  13. nice selection keep it going
  14. nice information...read that article everyone
  15. actually i was just saying that it said saber...it was most likely done by skrew since i havent seen saber in the dirty...
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