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  1. its too bad that the one guy that didnt hit up anything is the one thats siting in jail right now, its fucked up how shit like that works out.
  2. "kid toucher" thats a sick fuckn name!! nice freight also.
  3. you should put up some new portland flix, i would like to see whats going on up thier latley.
  4. I used to hate the human race also, but then I was reprogramed by the kind people with the cattle prods and white jackets, now I love everyone and everything.
  5. he looks like that crazy crocadile hunter guy.
  6. my god thas big. ------------------ I love Danny Tanner
  7. my god thas big. ------------------ I love Danny Tanner
  8. please kid.just admit it.we start it over here,and you guy take it,and try to improve on it.looka t the styles.do your homework. this coast is reality,your coast is some fake shit,its like a dream world.come to my coast and see how the real world works ok mister 1995 west vs. east... your a fuckn RETARD!!!!!!
  9. the HOD is nice. thats all I have to say.
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