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  1. Jerk182


    bump still curious if there is a way to beat tetris -jerk182.
  2. props 2 grey! were all learning good and well about YOU! you really are GREYT and deserve a lot of ATTENTION! -jerk182
  3. http://www.choppersinc.com/images/project%20bikes_img/wPyscho10.jpg'> whaaa................................... can anyone explain how this works? id really like to know. -jerk182
  4. thanks for the info. dash and keo. im glad someone who was there piped in at the right time as opposed to someone who likes to talk like they were there after they saw flicks on the internet. i always wondered who was rocking the retro 70's shit first. seems like the earliest truly phase2 (bubble letter/ outlined tag)looking shit i ever saw flicks of was reas. is this true? noah is one of my faves. makes me wanna drop those stock caps and get down with some CLEAN graphicfunkletterfullcolor BURNERS. shit is dope. more flicks please! -jerk182
  5. hey con is that my little pony? -jerk182
  6. Jerk182

    Joe who?

    always wanted to see flicks of ANY of that whole train after reading getting up. awesome! -jerk182
  7. some one call the waaaaaaambulance. -jerk182
  8. SNORKS! (bruin too.) -jerk182
  9. one of my least favorite posts ever. illegibility = fame retardant. -jerk182
  10. hey zed what are these? -the mound X2 -Spray outline of a piece -several porn holyrollers is nosey a porn alias? -ol roc (not necessarily odd, but makes for good reading while benching) always funny. last i caught "today: free breast exam clinic at 4:00" -about 3 bug scortchers that are pretty halarious huh? -cs one from the M line on freights, dg too. ive caught cs dg fn ry and oro all on the same freight! -jerk182
  11. that lewi s is cool. pretty rad to see people's graffiti improve so much. all those guys are taking a step in the funk direction. even if you do think its someone else's steez id rather they were biting old NYC than biting new LA. -jerk182
  12. looking through old flicks..................... yellow swastikas end to end on a rail link says some crap about the n.r.a. and freemen. swatch loves so and so dated 89, im pretty sure it was omar. that schoolbus wholecar was pretty neat. -jerk182
  13. http://www.sixcentz.com/website/photos1/pove3.jpg'> look at RD actually AVOIDING going over some one. weird. -jerk182
  14. heres a hopeful, *bump*. -jerk182
  15. seems like all the spotted lists are comprised of the same 200 or so writers. im just curious of some of the weirder stuff youve caught over the years. ive seen a ja streak a couple of seen throwups. 1 espo outline a duel piece -w- sento a vogue freight from 02 a cool outline of a dinosaur skull faces welded into the doors of boxcars by repair guys. i dunno ill think of more. -jerk182
  16. please let this thread continue............. -jerk182
  17. any one seen the movie "The Isle"? curious what you thought. psychosexual existential thriller to say the LEAST. -jerk182
  18. http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/paintlouis-00/pl00-6_x320.jpg'> http://cartogra.com/rs/DF9D19BB-B931-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> ugggh. -jerk182
  19. www.pbase.com/fr8rider updated a few days ago. LOTS of new stuff. -jerk182 p.s. i love how this site's freights are organized
  20. when my uncle was 6 years old he was running around the house with a screwdriver in his mouth with the handle sticking out. (who knows why) he tripped and fell face first onto the screw driver jamming it into the roof of his mouth. with my uncle screaminghis brains out, my grandpa tried to pull it out, and couldn't! they drove him to the hospital with the screwdriver still sticking out and a doctor yanked it out. i dont think he even got stitches. but jesus christ it makes me cringe just typing it. -jerk182 p.s. my stupid fucking neighbor is playing a congo to ub40's red red wine. FUC
  21. http://www.freehotpics.com/amateurgallery/an2_1675.jpg'> dumb -jerk182
  22. Jerk182


    crumb. -jerk182
  23. i used to LOVE kaws. years later it all seems pretty boring. -jerk182
  24. damn i wish these flicks showed up. =jerk182
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