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  1. metal,arys,detok,pier dopeshitillaballaplayahz
  2. the "chris" wholcar is nuts..... sigh and kero get an honorable mention
  3. kwest, meats, lead, kaput, mazer! dopesicknesswordupgskullet.
  4. that safe wholecar is hot, so is the fourme/awe......
  5. worms, erupto, broke, gouls, bean, lack, sigh.....dopefreshness
  6. sight?/fathom/circut?/?/kane/fatso ttx articulated autorack ?/from/?/hope " " gsouth/lyes csx box loer? cn box bruizer cn box strks.... tars reset rove poop
  7. mz ..uhh.. oops kt hahhahahahaa
  8. hot post crae,wyse,rekey,onset,kwest, hesk and mentos rocked this mutha out. damn you and your non flashburnt kwest! arghhhhh
  9. cameo,worm and the fr8os rocked this post, sweet update ese....i sent you another bunch o flicks yesterday.
  10. lewis is ,by far, the ghettoest writer out there....i like it. ouija wholecar:eek: hot hot hot word up t-bird/reset those sighs are cool too
  11. hot post ese, i'll send out a pack as soon as i get a couple more flix... everyone i have talked to out west says it the biggest piece of shit and frustrating because of everyone lining everyone, it makes me not want to go there at all.
  12. ?/lewis/crae? qgry sensr/cmor e2e(big!) cpaa bsm by kwest hs snsr throwups wheaties the rest escapes me.....
  13. mazer/onset/revise cpbox scien? by sino cpbox hot hot hot! mber/necs(stamped) cpbox? onset cpbox strks/tags reser trees size carguy phono other dreos water bed lou(buffed but the texture was showing through the paint) tsax3 "j.f.k. day" "r.i.p. matokie sluaghter"
  14. from the depths of hell.... wyse cnbox nace cnbox nace/chip x3... cpbox,cnboxes over/?/rade cnbox lead?/?/lewis cnbox lewis/crae qgry here/resone/cemz qgry ?/jim qgry ?/felon qgry pestoe/trik cpbox cmor throw up cpbox kwest slgg streaks: rambler,tsa.phono,tictac,thunderbird,c.i.t.h.x alot navy thinkcemz flow jimone other kimber
  15. it's cold jase hollow....cpbox nace/chip(both stamped)...cpbox pesto/trik....cpbox tad tsa snsr phono tictac cith
  16. hot hot catches..... word mazer GH.......
  17. west siiiiiiiiiiiide beotch! there are some goods and gags.....
  18. nice post ese, that geso is hot! as are all those damn west coasters!!!!
  19. look out for script pieces being the new thing in '02......
  20. the cameo was from 2000's under pressure and the recka was from this past under pressure, 2001.....both are super sick in person.
  21. is it just me, or does this chick look like a man??
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