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  1. look at the dates, they were doing all that back in '97....that is 5 years ago. why do any of you care about HIS spot anyways, it's not like you'll ever go there.
  2. reke, human, myth.... hellahotshitmothasuckahomofagwhat
  3. hot post, feeling the yors a lot...
  4. other, crae, wyse, dreos, hellahotbiznitch.
  5. pier,jib and iron maiden looking fresh as fuck
  6. holy stokemister, this post is hot asssssss, too many notables to even mention, that popquiz is sick and the mpulser is fucking radical! so is the sigh, and that reke is fucking dopely hilarious, BUFF IT!
  7. ono nsbox ono/?/? auto ?i forget?/mukis (hot shit dude) hopper ?/pesto/?/?/?/trik cpbox heroin cp waffle
  8. i still can't get over that worms by lead piece, the colors and the way the letters flow is sick.... if you see this lead, toss me an e-mail at greasyhamburgers@yahoo.ca ...i guess frate raper has been too busy to ask you....
  9. cemz. wyse,theory, cemz = phatassness
  10. holy shit that worm by lead is fucking nuts, really sick. there was a rime post a while back, just look in the search you'll find it.
  11. i have -4 freights for this year, i am winning in the how many freights i cant paint game, i buffed ten of my pieces last night ,losers....
  12. nice little update ese, receive my lattest?
  13. a couple from www.pbase.com/fr8rider if they work.... http://www.pbase.com/image/325589'> http://www.pbase.com/image/328806'>
  14. that last one was really fresh, thanks for that.
  15. worm, cameo(looked sick), spot and jbue were the notables, good stuff
  16. sigh and rekey are dope, sick
  17. hevn/jbue/cavs/mber auto fatso scratch fill ?box strks: smokin joe tsa
  18. http://www.nothingbutfreights.com/pics/leadseaz.jpg'> from: http://www.nothingbutfreights.com
  19. i like this dudes stuff, post some if you got it... photo: poop http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/fr8post0001/leadwholecar.jpg'> photo stolen from: another loser http://fr8orade.homestead.com/files/LeadBC.JPG'> photo: http://fr8orade.homestead.com post some!
  20. this guy gets up, i caught one of his done with high on a slgg the other day and i damn near tripped....it was really fresh.... dope shit
  21. lewis, spoter, irm, worm, kids, broke, lead..... niceshitknowwhatimsayinbrotha?
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