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  1. j3di

    getting tested

    thanks for not helping... yep...i just peed
  2. j3di

    getting tested

    anybody gotten tested fer stds or anything...me and my freinda re going tomorrow and frankly im shitting myself...qtips in my cock and all...oh and the fact that i could have an std or some shit with my luck...any feedback?
  3. fuck you cock monger...your dad said he didnt care as long as he could film it...that shit is between you two...shit breath.
  4. im bringing the following words back into my vocabulary... posuer ill yeeeeeeeeeeah boyeeeeeeeeeeee (like flava flav) schwing (but not like waynes world...like all thugged out and tough sounding)...(if thats possible) ill list more later
  5. j3di

    police videos

    my moms just bought me a big as box of the oversized oatmeal cremes...ohhhh lord...nuthin like cookies and milk... mucho macho
  6. j3di

    police videos

    hahah oh ok...i was gunna say... fuck
  7. j3di

    police videos

    a sniper??? whaaaaaat?
  8. j3di


    *doubt sorry but it bothered me. and theres no way were alone in this big fucking universe....but i dont thinkn aliens exactly have to be life forms or anything...they could be microscopic or simply flashes of light or some shit....yeah i try and think when im stoned a bit too much... fuck me
  9. j3di

    Boob ink?

    ill show you mine if you show me yours?
  10. j3di

    police videos

    yo, that guy is jesus to me...if im goin out....i wanna go out like THAT.
  11. j3di

    police videos

    on a related note...you ever duck cops in your car?
  12. j3di

    police videos

    i really hate to admit it but im fuckin addicted to these shows... fuck
  13. i am dead bored...this board isnt as exciting as it was a few days ago and i smell... fuck
  14. so seriuosly what do you call natives of guam...guamish...guammies? guammanies que?
  16. i dont know how many times ive had to pick my bike up from underneath or ontop of a car...i fucking hates cars when im a pedestrian or when im riding yet i had pedestrians and bikers when im driving...kooky
  17. have you ever meditated?...not to come off like a dirty hippie but ive acheived some serious levels of silence and peacefullness through meditation...it isn hard and it works fucking wonders...especially for a sleep aid. buhdda
  18. what channel...not like what #channel but what program? i never heard aboot this...
  19. emmet ray-various downloaded outkast-atliens one king down-bloodlust revenge most precious blood-nothing in vein dasss it
  20. wow...by far the scariest thread ive read in a while...sweet shit
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