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  1. bump for the best idea yet... id throw in for like 20 dollars worth fer word OBEY oolong
  2. j3di

    tattoo flash

    does anyone here know any good sites with nice detailed photos of tattoo flash?...im trying to get ideas and styles to jumpstart my own portfolio...im looking for alot of swallows/sacred hearts/flames/crowns...well the new oldschool style...any help would be appreciated. tootles...
  3. haha nibblenuts... yeah well thats not the impression i got form you saying "i think right now in my life is going to be one of those times where after its happened, time will be divided into 2 categories...before this, and after. " im sorry i jumped the gun and im glad your able to realize the difference yadda yada...ive just met too many kids who turn this into their bible.
  4. walmart wouldnt print my pictures of me and my ak...i need a digi
  5. dude cmon...its a book...its full of ideas...dont model your life after someone elses bullshit...might as well become morman... im not knocking the book at all...alot of the ideas are great and all but cmon...
  6. yeah way to not pick up on the sarcasm dipshit... cocksparrer
  7. damn fifteen years ago? whattup gramps
  8. j3di

    song help

    yeah you can find it in any mall or in the cd player of any nu-metal toy all across america...god i hate system of the down...fake bullshit...they do have one thing for them...good smart political lyrics but other than that theyre horrid
  9. standard sta500 frame...pithfork BFR 20in rims FBM handlebars and a mean duct tape seat...wanna race?
  10. j3di


    may i recommend CRO-MAGS age of quarrel...high school sucks and this will help.
  11. in the kitchen where they belong
  12. ive experianced almost exactly what the first story was talking about...i live in a working class neighborhood and have been raised by hard working awsome loving parents...i met this kid in the third grade in detention and we instantly became best freinds...he lived in an apartment complex a few miles away and everyday i would ride my bike over there and chill...i noticed how different his life was and how he never seemed to notice...they were on wlefare and his father was constantly in trouble with the law due to his drug problems...with all this drama he still busted his ass in school...worked around the house and helped raised his little brother...all the while being a really awsome person and a great freind...through the years his troubles got worse and his whole family ended up being homeless for the better part of the year...my parents offered to put them up untill tyhey got back on thier feet but they declined because they didnt want any handouts...my freind is now in his senior year at rutgers university and will be getting his ba in two subjects...plus he is a dance instructer for 6 different schools...he busts his ass for his family (wifey and one newborn son) and will make an amazing father...ive learned more from him about life than i could ever imagine. yeah i dont kow the point of this but its good to remember the important people in my life. piece.
  13. hey ronnie, whats the deal with woman? http://www.bobanddavid.com/section_run_whatawoman.html
  14. i dotn know how this didnt fall into that list but...KIDS IN THE FUCKING HALL....enough said...i hate canada but kids in the hall were amazing...
  15. girls who dress comfterable rather than fashionable...ex.wife beater and cut off camo shots...fucking hot... tough girls...not so tough that theyre mucho macho steroid abusers but just not all prissy girls who take control in the bedroom... short girls girls who are into or at least know about and respect things im into graff/hardcore/anal girls who are original and funny i hate having standards because no way will i ever find a girl like this shit...
  16. they dont make girls like this round these parts...im moving...
  17. dj.blackeye say it fast...
  18. j3di

    police videos

    no..no i didnt...what the fuck for?
  19. cunnilingus etiquette- 1-you hold the power of knowing if your getting laid that night so do us a freindly favor and give a little extra scrub down there (martha stewart tip #873-diddle a little motion lotion or other flavored oil down there prior to...they'll be might glad you did) 2-dont just lay there...wrap your legs around my head...pull my hair... its for you...enjoy it. 3-if your not enjoying it...let us know...left, right, deeper, faster...thats it...you got it...ect. ect...the female organ is alot harder o please than the male...it takes practice and each is different so...let us know whats up... 4-no kicking 5-if i havent "finished" you off...dont pretend to...im in it to win it so dont front and give me delusions of grandure... 6-give us some room on the bed to do our work...nothing sucks more than trying to please yer partner and your hunched over ass nekkid all smushed against the wall. 7-like the other post...farting is sooooooooo out of the question... 8-if you know your gettng some and you shave yer judy..make sure its not stubbly...ive had rug burn on my face form that shit... im sure theres plenty more...add some if youd like...
  20. fishbone is an aquired taste...i personally think theyre amazing not including anything theyve done form like 95 on...all their new shit is kinda garbage but if you have the chance to see them hop on that...
  21. but do you have adimantium claws?...i thought not...
  22. j3di

    the dread

    beeswax works...you have to not wash your hair for a while and let it clump a little and work the beewax in by twisting your hair...its a gradual process but it works...BUT...YOUR STILL WHITE WITH STRAIGHT HAIR...no matter what its goign to look horrible...seriously
  23. being there,pressed between his tits that hung enourmus, like the way you think of gods as big...
  24. fuck you fuck you fuck you and fuck society too
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