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  1. thanks for the help
  2. awwwwwwwww shit who could forget about johnny 5 short circuit, what about batteries not included, bill and teds excellent adventure, teenage mutant ninja turtles 90 , nightshift, mannequin, harry and the hendersons,aliens,cheech and chong, lean on me, childs play, A christmass story, Jaws,Mad Max, Little Shop of Horrors, Poltergeist, coming to america, Pet Cemetery, Lucas ,
  3. im always glad to help someone out in a time of need , cause god knows some of u helped me out this may sound pathetic but this is by far one of my favorite posts fuk all the bullshit these are childhood memories for me toy soldiers i couldnt remember the name of that one.. what about risky buisness or adventures in babysitting that might be 90s not sure , e.t.,indiana jones, born in east la, dont know the year of that either one more before i stop i dont know the name but it is about a kid who builds an atomic bomb john lithgow is in it help me out if you can.... peace everyone
  4. ever seen bad leiutenant dont know if i spelled it right.
  5. this post just excited me i was just talking about this the other day most of you already said most of them but im gonna try here howard the duck , ever seen munchies, critters , gremlins,killer clowns from outer space,clockwork orange dont know how old this is, wizard, monster squad i think ill stop now one more ever seen falcon and the snowman the 80s were good!!!!! thanks for this post
  6. holy dingleberry , batman what robin you sloppy whore
  7. ViOLaTeR


    i used to be like what the fuk is a rave and i started to go a while back and i wasnt sure what to make of it id go once and a while and have some fun i could never devote my life to that shit but thats just me hey ill try anything once and i was straight no drugs needed and when your in a good mood i dont want a bunch of dickheads starting fights if i want that ill do something else anyway my point is if u dont like something dont fukin do it and if you like wearing pacifiers and jumping up and down like a monkey thats your choice so go have some fun u candy asses
  8. the ocean is so wonderful uh ohh i feel a tear coming to my eye!!!!!!!!
  9. i rented that movie well i really dont know why i rented it a while back maybe because my local videostore is on welfare anyway it was alright
  10. i dont do that shit anymore thats right SHIT but if i watch fear and loathing to this day it brings back all of those awful memories that movie is fuked up natural born killers was all right too but yeah some of those disney movies were goodstuff
  11. im gonna vomit damn dirty cocks
  12. temporary labor on demand its neat you work with crackheads rapists murders alcoholics and any other social deviant u come up with and when you drive them to a job site you get an extra 8 dollars wooooooooohooooooooo life has been good
  13. ViOLaTeR


    i have a huffy with a bananna seat and streamers i dont have brakes either i use my feet..im also very gay thanks for your time
  14. traffic that sucked ass pay it foward i have to admit i liked it grease that movie is my all time fav.....
  15. cant fuk with the macho man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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