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RooK rok !7mM

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  1. UMPA were in the sam he double hockey sticks did you find this product. its soooooo HOT. RETARD GIMME a call for god sakes i have not seen u in like years we should go paint... you know. (JAE) PS i gots to tell u somein
  2. RooK rok !7mM

    More Signs

    BUMP for SONIK and For point and HIsto for all the mad scines that I have seen. Point email me get it from hipnos. AE 75R (JAE)
  3. RooK rok !7mM

    More Signs

    I saw a dope SONIK scine on mem drive its black and silver it was burrning! AE (JAE)
  4. Yo Clay tell the folks out there about my mop shananagens u know rackin 31 and not one of them is the original color and there are no repetes in colors!!!!! Only I hold the secrets... and maybe a few others. but thats beside the POINT. AE one CAll me CLAY>>>
  5. DS I LOVE u U rock My kingdom.. Call me!! To Point sorry about the whole bottle insadent, that was Bob the wombat, also tell histo i said sorry at least i ment nothing by it. Get my email from hipnos and e mail me same 4 u hipnos. Clay i will call u to go paint and tell blah that the word we discussed is workin. AEONeRS+Q&Y$F
  6. Ya BOB is right i know Arsen and he will eat u alive and his krew would bur any one but ok crayon drawings.
  7. That cool Disco Dan Shit is so classic did u see the interview with in the While you were sleepin i think it was called bed time stories.
  8. That revok and sever and Always gotta have Twist. PROPs to the red griffin to I AM REE> Marka revok and Kem did some ill shit by my house.. PEACE EYM!!!!
  9. Yo AK you got some ill stickers and and as My retarted Friend said comp has some flamin stickers! ( those shits be burrnin the stop scines.) Peace EYM....
  10. Not to rain on your parade but someone bet u to it. you know all up and down mass ave the Histo and Point stuff. well it was a good try maybe next time u can come up with somthing that u thought up your self... Well I LOVE U DS!!!!!!!!!!!! AE~One~EYM
  11. Is thaT SA NEXT TO EROS sATURN because on the tresseles there are two just like it. That Ryze is very nasty and how old is that cheat?
  12. Very nice Post and how long have u had these i thought that bombin the T was next to impossable. $45 fingers up 4 this post! AE ONE Eliminate Your Matrix!!! EYM
  14. Yo Aderk chill out u dont want people to hate on u the first time u r on 12oz. Yo warefare give me a call... AE>ONES EAT YOUR MUFF eYm
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