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  2. yo i have broke many girls hearts and have had my heart broken ounce before! the thing is i wasnt exspecting it all of a sudden. it was evil because after 5 years she just up and told me, and if you knew us you would be freaking out we were closer then anything. in fact she was the only one who really knew me and i was the only person who knew her. we had friends but not like eachother.. i mean it would be like your mom telling you that she isnt your mother,what im trying to get at is you think you kno someone but somehow you dont! shits evil cause she was mad deeply in love with me and she never sent any warning signs, and i bank,big dick,im fine,got a car and well that doesnt mean anything but i treated her right minus those things most girls look for. i was romantic we had good comunication i mean we fought but nothing like hitting or walking out shit! in fact i think she is over me already cause i talked to her this mourning and she said im not going to work im going to your house! i said ok and she said but not for us to get back together but for i can make sure your ok! i said fuk that i never want to see you, you broke my heart!
  3. damn... but i dont think i can be her freind. i mean i dont think i can take the pain of her telling me about some hot guy she saw or talked too! too hard for right now but in time my heart may heal and i may be her freind and fuk partner!
  4. yo evil? word, evil it is!!
  5. yo it was one summer day in like 1997 and me and two of my cousins were playing softball. well before we got to the field we had went to a mexican reastraunt and ate some spicy ass food! well after about a hour of playing in the hot sun and our food digesting my cousin had to use the restroom. i mean he had to use the restroom, he starting stinking up hompeplate!! well we told him to go home cause he stunk and there was no restrooms, but he said one more hit, one more hit! well he got one more hit and blam he shit his pants and he had to walk home cause he road his bike to the field. well to top it off on the way home some girls stopped in a car to mack to us and they said, hey we are going to get some beer for a beer for a party do you want to come with us? well we went of course but my cousin, well he shit his pants and couldnt! hehe well after that day we nicknamed him poopy-pants ------------------ i hate working and after 5 really good years with this girl out of no where she says i love you but im not in love with you! and bam its over!!
  6. shit dog i been wit mad shortys some real women older exsperienced women. its just not the same when a shorty is the way you want her i mean its not all i created she made those decions on her own to do what i want. i mean im not some dik that is all rude she wanted me to show her the ropes and all. but yo it wasnt even all about sex thats not the thing. about training another virgin well im just trying to say shit and put ideas in my head so i can get over this girl yo.
  7. see yo theres mad pussy here and i can get it its no problem but a virgin, man dude its like you train um to move the way you want everything is how you want not her shes trying to please you! but yo i am searching for another virgin just cause its safer and it will make my ex even more jealous knowing this girl can hooook me up
  8. spit kickers tour with de la soul common talieb and some other cats nice hot shit
  9. yo for real tho i think she may be playing games cause she did say after all that if i wanted to have sex for the last time! yo i was too hurt but i kno i can still fuk her but its all that gut feeling shit! it feels like when you get sweated over a wall felling in my stomache. but yo this is the thing i kno she will never forget me cause i was her first and i trained her fuuuukin good i mean my dik got licked first her pussy was licked first by me the whole nine! i mean this is what kills me i created a top notch bitch that left a top notch guy and she... fuuuuk i cant even think of her being with another man.
  10. word this one girl took me out to lunch and it was so hard cause we had ate their together and all i could think of was her! fuk yeah better beleive i am goin all city in fact i am kinda crazy i been stakin out all these spots that i know she would see even if she didnt want to. but yo i was thinkin i mean after 5 years you just dont tell someone that and not be intersted in someone else! fuk tho we werent even argueing or fighting! and i know i was good to her cause i bought her everything never cheated and let her do what she wanted! now i wish i was a dik she may still be here.. tears are dropping and im at work! fuk what would i do without you guys! thanks
  11. yo after being with this girl for 5 years and being very serious, so serious that we were going to move in serious, she tellsme out of no where she loves me but is not in love with me! she broke it off and said can we be friends! now she didnt even cry and i never saw it comin! she told me to call her later that night and she wasnt home. well we talked and i told her to fuk off and we cant be friends, i mean after 5 years i cant get over someone in one day and be friends! well i am slowly getting over her i think? but i feel one moment its cool the next moment i am crying over her. well i still love her and if she wants me back im not sure what i would say? what do you guys think i should do should i run for her or let her go? i am confused ------------------ i hate working and after 5 really good years with this girl out of no where she says i love you but im not in love with you! and bam its over!!
  12. at this point fuk women they can go down on me! i tryed that shit and fuk i was being to niiiiice fuk it and she was a virgin too! mabey thats why? ------------------ i hate working and after 5 really good years with this girl out of no where she says i love you but im not in love with you! and bam its over!!
  13. yo i work tech support too!! it suks balls but having access to free internet and other varios things its easy ass money! ------------------ i hate working and afte 5 really good yars with this girl out of no where she says i love you but im not in love with you! and bam its over!!
  14. i had to post some more bubble gum ice cream orange pop from mcdonalds sneaking into the swiming pool in the middle of the night barbeques!!!!
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