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  1. i was just trying to get a reaction. It wasn't meant to be anything more, good post, your welcome for the wholecar and good words by va rebel
  2. http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/12180110021383.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/12180110021340.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/12180110021298.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/12180110021277.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/12180110021184.jpg'> Here is acouple flix. Add more flix if you would like, i will probably add more later. These were just some of todays catches
  3. easy there champ, slow your roll.
  4. JUST DC AND VA is where they came from JUST DC AND VA the direct connect to it
  5. SOme stuff from my part of the 703 area http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/812017511626.jpg'> sime, rei21, envy, elk http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/922013275970.jpg'> kever jel cyne http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/922013275773.jpg'> aor http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/922013274849.jpg'> cyne kever http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/922013274644.jpg'> moron http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/922013324219.jpg'> con
  6. that was the biggest load of dope shit I have seen. Cope, emit, gaze, revs, etc. pure dopeness
  7. good shit, yo when you comin up next? hit me up
  8. dope shit, that guy ewok is pretty good whoever he is. [This message has been edited by tuckfart (edited 09-14-2001).]
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