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  1. shows what you know, fool!!
  2. im about to head to the hardware store for some rope, some duct tape, and a stool if you wanna come.
  3. still be wobbin mad wubies and jewels from mad woofies wit my gwapplin hook!! keep it mad weal!!
  4. well, it was my girl at the time, so i didnt want to get to crazy with it, so i just told her after i shot one in her hair.....i still love her too... im pathetic.
  5. jankie will never learn....YA HEARD!!!??
  6. great white, tesla, and badlands. that was great....mullets flying everywhere, including mine.
  7. have you ever been hittin a girl in the ass and pull out with shit on your dick? i have, but that didnt stop me, cuz i knew that if i told her, she would have wanted to call it quits anyway...... i just told her after, and had a good laugh. be honest now!
  8. believe me, i have been doing that, but karmas a bitch... besides, i think of smashing my face into the wall every time i hear her voice... kill me now!! anyhoo, thanks fo de advice son!!
  10. i just pretty much got kicked out of this girls house that i was staying at, because i wont be her fuckin boyfriend. i have about a month until i get a place with a friend. any ideas on cheap temporary shit until then? keepin it fake.
  11. wearing the fuckin shirt right now kill the white house with a strike of lightning!!!
  12. better off fuckin dead all evil deads chuck and buck thrashin gleaming the cube fuck.... too many!!
  13. there is no reason to post shit, because you all are shit mongers!!!! where does your shit go?.. in the ground, so if there is the shit site, just say thanks to the earth....shit will be here forver...yme? shit, i need a break!!!
  14. thanks fo da weply cuz.....yo hearz my numbah 1-800-dot-commies ps. lets fold.....i love you
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