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  1. Onesandzeros- are you who i think you are? do you have something running in a certain stairwell on a certain college campus? just curious. Any of you w. mass. cats know anything about the Nhampton aerobombers? are they still around? Love, Some Herb
  2. Still #1 I don't know. I still get a lot of pleasure of listening to krs. tht's what hiphop's supposed to about, right? having fun Inept
  3. your words don't show it. And I will take that flying fuck, thank you.
  4. 200 yeas ago, a group of people thought that their country, a country that was doing great, full of patriotism (Great Britain) wasn't the best government for them. They went on to form the US. To bad HESHIANDET wasn't around then to tell them to "GET THE FUCK OUT! you litle pussies cry about this and that" I wish He'd been there. We'd have had a hell of a lot of progress! Yep, then 75 years later, when a group of people decidedthat slavery wasnt as great an idea, I wish theyd just decided to leave too. It would've been great! Hooray everything is fine! Don't think for yourself thats t
  5. Re: WEll well REPEATER DOES NOT SUCK. in any way. it is goooold. I love the argument though. As Ian MacKaye would say, "y'all jus' a bunch a playahaytaz" At least, thats what i think he'd say. in..ep.t
  6. ASK

    Big Black

    Any body ever listen to these guys? they really rock hard. Their album is titled "songs about fucking" Nuff sed, guy ine..pto.n.e
  7. Listening to minor threat AND looking at felon pieces? dopeness. i.ne.PT.one.rfi.n
  8. Ich is the shit.i smile everytime i see one of his trains...and you jock him hard enough to post about him thrice. ineptv1.0 cl.ose.rra.un.(CH)y
  9. dope post... but i thought cycle was from washington peace
  10. ASK

    ryme flic,......

    People call me earsnot because i always have snot in my ears. i will write earsnot. earsnotone
  11. ANTICONTAPES? nobody who listens to anticon listens to tapes! Hell, most of us have never seen one... inepticon
  12. i kinda think i got dumber after reading this. bump for boston politics
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