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  1. no coverage on cnn, msnbc or fox news... fuckin bullshit.
  2. why dont you like "whatreallyhappened.com" ? im just curious
  3. be honest about your self and with your girl. Say fuck yes i cheated and dont feel guilty. dont ignore your desires because society looks down upon it.
  4. hilarious!!! where did you find that perfect "zack" sweater?
  5. nicio

    shooting chicks

    is there a difference between racism and sexism..?.. it seems like you completely missed my point
  6. Im sure by now, most of you have heard of the site, http://www.huntingforbambi.com . Now some people say that its just an innocent silly game between concenting adults. this is what the web site says: "Women are being hunted down like animals and shot with paintball guns. When it comes to hunting women if you can think of it we probably show it. Women are screaming with fear as our Team Bambi hunters track them down and blast them with paintball guns. Every single bitch got what she deserved." Now to put this in perspective, imagine if this company was selling tickets to hunt blacks while wearing a Nazi uniform..or to fake incernerate jews. WOuld this company be allowed to continue their practices? But its ok to hunt women because its not hate, its "adult entertainment." http://www.huntingforbambi.com/static.zoovy.com/img/michaelb/-/hair_drag_lrg'> http://www.huntingforbambi.com/static.zoovy.com/img/michaelb/-/ass_blast_lrg'>
  7. *edit. red x i was pom pom :rolleyes: http://www.ccchronicle.com/back/2001-05-14/images/homestar3.jpg'>
  8. nicio


    http://storetn.cafepress.com/2/3948982_F_store.jpg'> I got my girlfriend this WWJD thong for her birthday... I hope she likes it
  9. ok . heres my two cents. I think you should leave everything the way it is. If someone is being a post whore, then ban them. Ill use a graffiti analogy: if you bomb a spot and it gets buffed immedietly, you'll prob not hit that spot again. Post whores will have the same mentality. if their only purpose in posting is to up their posts, then if you keep banning them, then they will find a new place to post...another message board.
  10. http://www.wsdsc.poznan.pl/hlondianum/graf/msza/ms11_2000/kwas.jpg'> "You guys are all wrong. Google image search says im Kwas!!"
  11. nicio


    Comedy Central is replaying 4 episodes tuesday morning the 22nd from 2-4am. Definetly check it out if you havent seen it. Im not huge into TV but ill be setting my alarm clock for this one. One of the funniest shows i have ever seen.
  12. i dont know whats worse. that fact that you made such a stupid joke or the fact that the first time i heard that joke, i laughed.. anywayssss... McDonalds is pretty gross. even their french fries have ''meat'' flavoring..i havent eaten there in years.
  13. my mom threw all mine away when i was little because they were "bad." I still havent forgiven her:heated:
  14. i think i get it now... since nothing is permanent, its possible for things to change .ex.because a seed is impermanent, its possible for it to grow into a tree. If the seed was permanent, then it would always remain a seed... i guess its an optimistic view on impermanence..
  15. hey mental. the quote " thanks to impermanence, everything is possible." doesnt make any sense to me. are you sure you got it right? maybe thanks to permanence, everything is possible.. like the permanence of the soul throughout all the your lives.
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