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Everything posted by gusto

  1. Re: your cool! aah, yes, FINALLY! the title is mine for the month..! and u cant take it away!!
  2. Re: clever, however: yea, im a legal eagle all the way :rolleyes:
  3. http://members.aol.com/defynyc/antigraff.jpg'> i like wild and jdm's stuff. thumbs up
  4. http://members.aol.com/defynyc/antigraff.jpg'> what is this silly business?
  5. http://members.aol.com/defynyc/antigraff.jpg'> whats this silly business?
  6. whose a ninja? :confused:
  7. gusto

    Chicago Graff

    she needs to shave that bush and do a few situps..
  8. Re: Re: This goes out to the Asshole up in here... never heard of DASH FC?, and you call yourself a 'graffiti writer'?, sad.....very sad...
  9. gusto


    puts kr, espo and sp.one to shame..
  10. na thas that other kid from menudo...
  11. aah yea, he looked familiar
  12. is that duro looking out from the left door window?
  13. term, tim, tom, tumtum, tam..pon, just a few
  14. gusto


    the one goin down reminds me of meres, the simple one looks like ivos simple things..
  15. those chains coming from the bottom look fucking dope..
  16. gusto


    http://fototime.com/D5EB6FE7917FB80/standard.jpg'> you got dash fc's first piece, dope!
  17. this cat pretty much runs the joint from what i saw on my trip there...
  18. wheres the sew connected to that character of the fat cap, that was the hottest shit at the jam.....
  19. lol theyr wake !!... splell corlectly..
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