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  1. no, I think its Sec.........
  2. ANy way one could get a copy of that Ono/Elk/etc. e2e?
  3. I believe he got it from the first flik......
  4. Temp Name

    Pop Punk

    Emo is pretty much defined nowadays as "slow lyrics combined with an acoustic guitar". Really anything with EMOtion,passion, and some feeling should fall into this category. But I don't even know what I'm talking about so...... ..go with Fugazi or The Julliana Theory. Oh yeah, I should mention Dashboard, shouldn't I?
  5. haha it is ironic I always beat your ass. I think I imght have to tell fatty McGee that all his shots are luck shots...
  6. Addictive, good sniper weapons.
  7. I'm pretty sure Vizie is on 12oz with a "clever" name....?
  8. That would actually be a compliment if you took it the right way................meaning you paint.
  9. It's funny how you talk like you're a seasoned veteran writer or something. You're in no position to speak of new styles, let alone any style. Stop being arrogant.
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