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  1. Rate owes me 50$ for like 2 years now... Television crew just got better when on demand came out. But rate really does (still) owe me 50$. Doesn't mean I love the guy any less, I just want my money...oh well, maybe next year. Keep the flics coming
  2. Hey Buddy Hey Europa. What is up. Please to thank you yes email. Be in touching. Me emailing you are please? Let me know whats up for september.
  3. Good post. Too much graffiti politics.
  4. Europe. Europe....long time no speak. My old email is cancelled, and my IM. Ill try to catch you. This thread is really, really fresh.... havent been on 12oz in a long time... Wish i was up in copenhagen, I would do some graffiti.
  5. I didnt know Xide was doing so much cool stuff. I mean, Aves had told me, but I never believe what that guy has to say. So now I saw some stuff, and I like it. cool. challah back.
  6. whats really funny is that sigh piece actually looks better reading suck than sigh....and what makes that super funny is who changed it. no question about it. no originality.
  7. Great Thread....great flics....can people keep this alive? I like that sphere piece alot.
  8. Tiws-solid style-great guy-funny as shit-and fun as hell to paint with holler
  9. Hey, I thought this was gonna be an I M O K thread. Too bad its not.
  10. thanks, I already got it covered.
  11. Fearing Life Over Eternity F L O E. Fat like jabba.
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