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  1. one shot is decent but unless you wanna fork up 8 bucks for like 2 ounces, you gotta steal them
  2. well its no DOEMDIRTY. its not ink, so it doesnt have staining power. but ive seen them have trouble getting it all off. it also dries pretty fast for paint. but if you want some bright colored drips this will do. its definitely permanent and doesnt fade
  3. smooth drips, bright colors. trust me, it stands out
  4. whats up DOEMDIRTY...ive been meaning to get in touch. ill PM you
  5. maybe he isnt from america. other countries have very different looking outlets. dont you guys travel?
  6. that one on the floor is Roger from pgh, been seeing his stuff around. t-moms for the 50 graff points woot!
  7. i have two original vintage mini wide markers available if anyone wants them. 22$ each.
  8. ^^^ wait, you made a pez necklace with pez and yarn? who does that?
  9. want to sell/trade any? i have some nice drippy paint in some bright colors haha
  10. hey i figured id give this a shot. anyone happen to have any old pez dispensers lying around or in your attics or anything? id be willing to pay for the right ones.
  11. and why would we care about detroit?
  12. ^^^ thats RUNE not RUKE and FREIGHTYONE, im sorry but i just had to say that if youre calling someone retarded, you should know youre left from your right man.. "Can you look to the fucking right and see that I'm not from Philly?"
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